Foodies Unite!


Lol, you are making it too hard. Tasty frozen foods blended with tasty liquids. Possible herbal flavorings. Who cares what it is called. It is like soup. Chopped and sauteed foods you like. Hydrate with liquid of choice. Consume when soft.


Today’s breakfast! Oh and coffee of course!


I never use recipes, I just put together what’s there :blush: Mostly bananas, blueberries or mixed berries, cinnamon, any kind of yogurt or hemp milk (I’m obsessed with banana-hemp milk smoothie atm lok) and / or spinach…just try some :+1:


Safe travels today and good luck!!


This is on the menu right now…

With these sides


Thanks! I am crazy excited!
It’s supposed to be over 90 in Iowa all week, so I’m super excited to go to Washington. Where the peninsula forcast is in the upper 60s.


Apply night.


Looks so delicious…I’m a bit jealous.


Nice spread!


We went out for Mexican today!! So Yummo😍


I fill up on Chips and Salsa!


Haha we did too. I brought half of my stuff home and ate it later.
My fajitas were steak, shrimp and chicken with pineapple.


Muy deliciosa!


My treat of the day is licking the beaters after Rachel makes Ghirardelli Brownies. This place is about to smell chocolatey up in here!


That all looks so delicious!! I was home very late yesterday and fell right into bed…and this morning I overslept…no breakfast :astonished::scream: I’m dying :joy:


Ok now. So heres My first go at this…

Checking in daily to help maintain focus



Potatoes, cucumbers, onion and a dressing made of lemon, garlic (a lot as usual lol) and honey :heart:


Thats an interesting combo, but sounds delish. I may try this one in the next couple days!


In the original recipe they say dates , not honey. But I had no dates