Foodies Unite!


Its sooooo good. Made gravy too but it didnt need it


Garden is producing more produce


jealous a lot


what’s that below the broccoli?


Just sliced and seasoned potatoes :slight_smile:


Thats what I thought. My grandmother used to grow potatoes So when growing up we had potatoes with everything… Didn’t eat potatoes for a long Time, Just rediscovering potatoes.


Mmm. Watermelon!


For some reason, I am craving poutine! Not really in my diet but neither is the fritos chili cheese chips dipped in sour cream that I’m currently consuming :laughing:


Very nice! I could eat curry every night!


Now I’m making curry something tonight…lol. Going to have to get creative because I’m not going shopping :slight_smile: I do have chicken, curry and coconut oil…so that’s a start!


I just found a can of organic chick peas in my pantry! I’m winning the day so far…LOL


Pizza is my kryptonite as well as elixir of life simultaneously lol! I’m trying not to consume as much of it these days. I do enjoy food! The pictures of food are very appealing!


That looks so delish! I love curry! Never tried it with chickpeas tho, always with sweetpotatoes :blush:


Grilled cheese and pea soup…curry will have to wait till tomorrow because the chicken wasn’t thawed out yet.


Hoison chicken, cauliflower rice and squash and peppers in soy sauce


Wheat free cereal with hemp milk, banana and malt coffee with honey :green_heart: I’m having this every weekend and love it :blush:
Aaaaand since quitting wheat my bellysize went down from 97cm to 93,5cm :zap::green_heart: whoop whoop


What is malt coffee? Just coffee with malted milk powder in it? Are you vegan?


NM. Honey I guess means not vegan.


Nope not vegan. I tried to be strict vegan but failed bc I am craving fish so often. But this is the only meat I eat. I quit pork years ago, followed by beef (I think the last beef I had I did picture on here in my stuffed peppers). I don’t like eggs and cowmilk makes my belly go crazy :joy::poop::-1:
Maybe you know Caro Coffee? It’s something similar to my coffee.


Totally understand the cow’s milk digestive issue. I think if I didn’t have eggs, I might starve. I love fish; I just wish it weren’t so expensive. I’ve never heard of Caro Coffee. Is it a UK thing?