Foodies Unite!


Oops, I didn’t mean to post the two butter making photos, one was supposed to be mayo lol


I’m so jealous! We’d be knee-deep in avocados if that were the case here!


Ummm, your food looks delicious! I’d come over for dinner! :grin:


I have been following this all day…as my roast has been cooking…between the smell of the roast and the pictures…I am so hungry. I might just eat the whole darn thing


Made me some shrimp pad thai…boom!


Did you know that’s a genetic trait? Some people just cannot eat cilantro. Apparently it tastes like soap to them. I can’t imagine. Cilantro is the most amazing fresh flavour to me. I think I’d cry if I had to give up cilantro.

I even have a friend that is Mexican that can’t eat it. It must be brutal for her to get Mexican good that doesn’t have cilantro in it.


I did know that. It does not taste like soap to me. It just tastes like ass. I have the most warped flavor pallet though.


Ok, I’d clean the bathroom for that.


You might want to wait a half-hour :poop:


Lol, it happens. I was in house cleaning for so long that it takes more than shit to keep me from getting a job done. Now if you had made grilled cheese in the bathroom…


I draw the line at cooking anything cheese related in the bathroom.


Having leftovers for lunch. Meatballs, tomatoes, courgette, peppers, chilli and cheese! :hugs:


Omg avocado fries are liiiiiife. Actually so are avo egg rolls :heart_eyes: it’s 8 am and I’m starving.


Pasta made

On to making marinara


That looks really good. That’s how I like my mashed potatoes. Skin on, not whipped, just mashed up with butter and garlic. How did you season your asparagus? I like mine with just a little lemon juice squeezed over them.


Ermergerd! That looks AMAZING! I’ll have to start taking pics of my journey into learning how to cook! I’m going to start with Indian food… I figure all the pretty colors will distract from the taste if I can’t get it right. :slight_smile:


Love me some Indian food. I’m making Tikka Marsala later this week!


Cheee hoo! I’ll start with that too! Thanks for the inspiration!


I do mine with fresh garlic butter and a little onion powder.


It’s an easy dish and definitely my favorite and perfect with Naan.