Foodies Unite!


That looks great, I am coming over for breakfast


Hm don’t know, I think it’s a german thing :grinning:
This is the one I prefer:

It’s the same coffee but cheaper than Caro coffee :+1::innocent:


I just googled malt coffee, malted coffee came up…I don’t know if it is the same thing you were having…but you just changed my life…malted coffee looks so delicious


Just checked it and no, it’s not the same, but malted coffee looks awesome :heart_eyes:
Malt coffee seems not to be sold in the US


Curry time :heart_eyes: First time that I added jackfruit, I’ll tell you later how it was

Edit: well I think I won’t buy jackfruit again lol. It’s okay but I don’t get why ppl hype it that much


Breakfast in bed from the boys


Starting to brown my curry chicken thighs in coconut oil (I love cooking with that stuff). I’ll post final results once I figure out the side.


Curry Chicken thighs with sauteed colard green, diced tomato and garbanzo beans. I sauteed it in the coconut oil and grease from the chicken.


Are we the only ones who like hard fried eggs? Nasty, runny yokes and the weirdos who dip in them…


Hahaha! I didnt make those eggs. If I had, they would have been yolky.


Aw man… Earthlings


I make hard fried eggs sometimes too though.


We are big on boiled eggs at my house.


Basted in what?


Dinner that caused all the commotion last night lol, I thought it was delicious! Rice was also made. I didn’t get any pictures of the dessert either, damn!


So are we!

Here was our Father’s Day dessert. Better Than Sex (Addiction) Cake!


Omg, you ahould make a recipe for suvh a thing. We had a joke for a while about sobriety cookies. As in, what cookie would be so good that it could be a craving deterrent. You should come up with “Better than Porn” cake…


Heard a rumor that Graham Crackers were invented by a minister who wanted to make a snack that would deter boys from masturbating.


Close…it’s crazy. Sylvester Graham thought drinking pure water and following a vegetarian diet (with homemade “pure” bread, meaning coarse grounded flour and no added spices or ‘stimulants’), would stop people from having impure thoughts, and thus stopping masturbation…which he believed caused blindness, as well as was dangerous to young men, due to their immature reproductive organs.



Yeah, maybe a little crazy. I do think he had something about trying to restrain children from masturbation. I dont think it’s healthy for kids who are immature to idealize and overindulge in sexual activities.