Foodies Unite!


That’s the story of my life…I never have dates :joy:


So here was my lunch!
Salmon in the oven 20min (225 Celsius) with olive oil, fling salt, pepper and chili flakes.

Boiled mini potatoes and broccoli. Used some honey on top of it all.

Very simple and wonderful!


Even with a garnish! Nice!


Tonight’s dinner: shrimp, with green pepper, onion, tomato, cucumber, pineapple, taco kraut, and green chiles cooked in coconut oil over steamed kale.


What is taco kraut? I know what they are individually, just not together :slight_smile:


Well those all meet my checklist of healthy foods…thanks for the insight!


Raw, nutrient dense cultured veggieswith health microbes and organic acids. It’s also a probiotic, so it’s good for your digestive system.


Nice! I saw your original post that was deleted so I commented on that. I see all deleted post…It’s like a sixth sense Ive been giving…lol!


Hahaha, yeah, the picture didn’t load, so I tried again. Still getting a lay of the land here.


That’s all good…welcome aboard. I just checked their website. Looking to see if I can order the health tonic they make. I’m very much into organic/holistic and homeopathic medicines, so this is in my wheelhouse. Hope they deliver because Indiana is a bit of a drive from Delaware…lol!


How was this? The whole potato being soft and cooked and then adding cucumber kind of weird me out
Tho that honey lemon and garlic sounds amazing :joy:


It was delicious :+1::blush: The dressing was really good, today I surely smell like garlic too hahaha. Why does it weird you out?


This almost looks like kimchi


Something about those textures together just makes me feel weird. :joy:
I’m picky with it comes to textures tho. Lol


Todays lunch! Yummie!


Are those the mythical swedish meatballs?


I was JUST going to ask that! My family is from Sweden (Grammas mom came here and never left) and those are our go-to meatballs we make!


Oh yeah, definitely. I’m thinking I should combine the kimchi and the kraut and see what happens…


That looks fantastic and healthy!


Such a big boy now… :grin: