Foodies Unite!


Some of you may remember that I had these plans to make a Groaning Cake when I was in labor. Turns out you just need to focus on being in labor when you are in labor and you are lucky if you can also provide childcare to an excited 9 year old, go shopping for food, wash all those dishes you hid in your fridge to avoid washing them at the time of use and now you need them to make this cake…, blow up a large birth pool with no pump (cuz you’re cheap), fill this pool after playing with man toys to hook a hose up to your shower head, and boil about 15 pots of water and hand deliver them to the pool for it to almost be at body temperature when you finally just lay down in the water and have your baby like an after thought.

Anyway, the idea of the cake is to kill time in labor making something involved that will also boost nursing nutrients and already be done when you need food over the next few days. With the nursing issues I have been having I figure a nutritious snack that gets all these weird ingredients out of my way is a good idea to do. So what if my baby is almost 2 weeks old. Better late than never.

Alright, the middle finally was done but the top is extra done. Will lower the oven temp to 325 for the 2nd loaf. Tasted fine though. :grin:


What’s in it?


The recipe I used is at the bottom of this post. Minus the nuts because I bought it all before I gave birth and I was hungry for nuts between then and now.


I think I just fell in love!


I’m eating hot pockets for lunch. I’m pretty sure that will get me banned from this thread.

Unleash the Banhammer!


Hot pockets…mmmmmm


Mozzarella and meatballs


Dude, seriously? You’re an adult right??


Umm, have you read much of what I’ve posted? Clearly I’m not an adult lol


I like the cheese steak ones…but I go healthy and get the lean pockets :wink:


And you are actually a legit adult, not a full grown man baby like myself.

Take that @Hope0110


LOL fartbubble!


In fairness, I didn’t become one until I hit 40, so you have a few years to tune up your adultness :wink:


This is my cheat day, otherwise known as junk food day. These are the bomb, and they have some heat to them…btw…I still did my workout today :sweat_smile:


Lunch today: chicken with pineapple and green chiles over sweet potato and cauliflower rice, broccoli, carrots, and my favourite Perrier flavor.


What are hot pockets? :hushed:


I have lemon garlic chicken in my fridge all ready to cook. Also did some bbq rub chicken to do for bbq chicken wraps for lunch.


I just need to figure out sides for tonight.


American junkfood. Imagine a rectangle savory pastry with pizza toppings or ham and cheese fillings.