Foodies Unite!



Now come on this is the food thread not toes :mask::joy:


Hell no! Yuck!


I bet that is the kind @Englishd enjoyed…:joy:



Mixed salad with mango and same dressing as yesterday and my now-favourite ice cream :heart_eyes:


Is that arugula in the mix? This looks awesome btw…I’d add some blueberries to mine. I think I need to do more with mangos. They are always on sale at the Latino market but I never buy them.


Yup thats arugula :wink: I wanted to add peaches but they got moldy in just one day :weary:


I love arugula!!! Such a great flavor and goes well mixed in with spinach.


Absolute crap…you are missing nothing…shut that thought out of your head


I would never buy that lol


That’s because you don’t live where I live! We grow them!


You warm them up in the microwave, and as a comedian put it, it’s like putting lava in your mouth…can’t remember the comedian


These were Actually oriental meatballs with lots of spices. They were delicious :grin:


Was that Brian Regan?


No, I will think of it…might take a week…lol


Nope, Jim Gaffagan!


That’s it!


Well I did the Lemon garlic chicken with a honey soy sauce dressing
Italian roasted potatoes
Honey glazed carrots
And have cupcakes for dessert.



Thanks for ruining hot pockets. After @Englishd mentioned them I was like “hmm, that does sound pretty damn good right now” and then you came along…


I don’t think adultness needs to be implied to choices of food. But when it does, I just say I have kids :joy: