Foodies Unite!


It has never occurred to me to put in a SF hot chocolate packet. I have a bunch of them. Brilliant! Maybe I’ll try chocolate and peanut butter nice cream tomorrow.


I was going to put PB2 inntjere but it was taking a while for it to turn from fruit sand into softserve consistency and I forgot.

I think weight watchers taught me to hot chocolate mix trick or I thought of it while doing WW. Originally it was my hack to make low calorie oatmeal so instead of brown sugar and all that I’d put a diet hot chocolate mix. I called it cocoatmeal and it was a hit with my kids. Now I am weird and can find many weird off the cuff uses for hot drinks. I have used apple cider packets in some strange ways also.


Do tell! I used to make a ghetto mocha with the SF hot chocolate, a dash of vanilla, and strong coffee. I love repurposing food. The oatmeal is definitely worth a shot. When I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll make chai oatmeal. Most mornings that’s too much work though. LOL


Cookie cake - ladybug!


filled chiken


Is that stuffed with celery and ham?


green onion, cheese, ham, bacon


That sounds amazing. Green onion makes way more sense than celery. Lol. What kind of cheese?


oridinery hard cheese


chicken shashlik, zucchini, crushed chips on the top


Pesto sans cheese, garden veg, rigatoni.


You don’t have to leave the cheese off your food just cuz you know I will look at pics of it… :joy:


Lol. I used a bunch of fresh herbs, arugula, and citrus with toasted almonds and garlic. It didn’t feel like cheese was needed. And for some reason, cheese hasn’t appealed to me recently. Oh and I blame you for my recent hankering for hard boiled eggs. :grin:


Want to hear something gross? My offspring dips them in bbq sauce. Wtf.


Barf. Have you had her checked for taste bud illnesses?


No. But it occured to me to have it done when she begged for ketchup to put on her Mac and cheese. As though it were not gross enough as is.


Pork and vegetable curry with coconut rice. Dessert is my Mommom’s blueberry bundt cake recipe.


Butter basted salmon topped with a fresh chive-dill Greek yogurt sauce and my bastardized version of tabouleh.


That sounds delicious. Care to share the magic?


Like the recipe? Or come over and cook for you and Mrs. Tee?