Foodies Unite!


How? Lol that looks amazing.
I want to know how to make it. :joy:


I have a snack tonight :joy:




I may do blueberry pie and ice cream after my kids go to bed :joy:


Cookpad app


My sloppy breakfast


BBQ for breakfast? Why not? Pulled pork and brisket, with baby spinach, cucumber, green pepper, onion, pineapple, 1 egg, 3 TBS egg whites in raw coconut wraps.


So I am a little crazy, I know but in order for my life to work I need to plan my balance. With food included! So the recepies for next week are here and it’s scheduled. Later on I Hope it comes automatically. For now, getting them good routines in, I plan it. Next Sunday I may hit that 15 months mark. Week ahead planned with a good Balance of work, work out, cooking, meetings, fellowship and resting. I think this will work :grin::pray:


So this is most likely what normal people do all the time but me preparing for a whole week with proper groceries is a whole new lifestyle :grin:


Look what I got @Englishd …lol


Fish casserole with baked bread and ajvar. Lovin my new life style :grin:


Leftover poutine. Lunch of champions.



@Bill_Phillips Also, Jealous.


gasp put it in my mouth…


Good job using your blender so soon after buying it! Often when I get a new toy it takes months for me to be brave enough to try it. Like the bread machine.


I miss having a bread machine!!! The smell of freshly baked bread is heavenly. That being said, when I’ve made bread from scratch it looks more like a communion wafer than a loaf of bread! Baking isn’t natural for me. Clearly.


Same. I still don’t understand all the settings on it. Especially where you use it to make a dough that doesnt cook in the machine. And it is kind of a waste of space at this point because I don’t eat much bread anyway and now that I am back in mini-diet mode I rarely buy bread unless it is the 35 calories a slice kind.

Now if I can learn to make that in the bread machine…


Back in the ninetees everyone suddenly got a breadmachine…then as fast as they appeared they became paper weights…:wink:


Fresh bananas, strawberries, coconut water, and Thai basil smoothies.


Stuffed shells and a cheddar biscout.