Foodies Unite!


What are the spices on that?


Turmeric and cayenne pepper :slight_smile:


Tossed with the veg or jus sprinkled on top?


I buy the 2 spices separate from the health food store and blend them together and put them in a shaker so I always have it for sprinkling on everything.


Tossing it together would probably be better though, but I’m lazy…lol.


Equal parts of each? S&P added?


Yep, equal parts. No pepper as there is enough heat from the cayenne. I also try to avoid adding salt to anything which is why I tend to make my own blends. I’ve done cayenne with Mrs. dash before and it tasted really good.


I make my own blends and marinades too. Premade ones are like salt licks. I do add S&P (lots of black pepper) to almost everything I make. I’m going to try the equal parts cayenne and turmeric now. Maybe on roasted veg? Any suggestions?


That would be great on roasted veges! I also like it on pork chop and it makes a great blackening season on steak (I add chili powder to that one).


I was thinking pork as well. I have a pork tenderloin I’d like to grill. Think it’d be a weird seasoning with tamarind chicken, peppers, and snow peas (i.e. tonight’s dinner)?


Let me know how it went. I assume you started it already :laughing:


I am unsuccessfully trying to get my two year old to sleep, and I just read this entire thread. I’m salivating. @Hope0110 and @Bill_Phillips - is there nothing you can’t do? Y’all, amongst many others, are starving me to pieces!


Welp, my husband decided he didn’t want the tamarind roasted chicken and cardamom infused rice I made. So we had 5 Guys. Lol. And then I threw up because 5 Guys and gastric bypass don’t mix. Yay.


Oh lordy - I would sell some plasma for some tamarind roasted chicken and cardamom infused rice! So sorry about the tummy troubles…


I wish we had eaten the healthy meal I made. Lol. If I eat anything with more than 10 grams of sugar or 12 grams of fat per serving, my body will automatically reject it. The oh-so-attractive and accurate term for us gastric patients is “dumping.” Its pretty horrifying. So I think I’ll spend tomorrow recuperating and rehydrating. Lol.


Those make me nauseous. I’ve never liked bread or rice or noodles. None of those plain substantive foods. I’ve only been able to eat fruits and veggies. And as of today, a brownie.
Oh and I also keep track of everything I eat. I mostly keep track cause my mom thinks I eat too much and I gotta prove her wrong lol.


Wouldn’t we all lol? Especially if we didn’t have to make it. Also just yummmmm.


My bastardized version of chicken Rogan Josh.


Oh wow, that looks fantastic!