Foodies Unite!


Did you share? I cut up some chicken for our cat last night. Frankly, he was rather judgy.


Lol. Not these steaks. He usually gets some bites but tonight I was starved.


Omg yum! :yum:


Tonight it’s basa fillets seasoned with Thai Seasoning, with some steamed pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, avocado

and some mayo… always have to have mayonnaise with my dinner… . It’s the Dutch in me :speak_no_evil:


roll biscuit with strawberrys


Oh lordy - ours is too, @Bill_Phillips! Can you ship on of those down south?


Haha…would if I could :slight_smile:



That looks amazing! I think I’m going to have to end my I’m not cooking streak today after seeing this post lol


So glad I could inspire :blush: It was really tasty I have to say. Feel great when I have cooked real dinner which I have the past weeks :grin:


Got a hook up to an aquantance’s family Cherry orchard. Just picked 13 pounds of Bings and Rainiers for $7. These cherries taste extra sweet.



Brushetta, fresh from Farmers market, with aged balsamic


Your wife was climbing a ladder that pregnant? She’s badass!


She gets tired, but she’s got pretty good endurance. She’s a runner, when shes not pregnant, that is. She ran a 1/2 when she was pregnant with Truman and Elliott.

This conversation should honestly be in the brag thread. :rofl:


Agreed. She’s a freaking warrior (and she puts up with you lol)! I’m hoping that ad my days of sobriety add up, I can get back to yoga and running. 3 weeks today. And I’ve gained like 7 pounds. Ugh. I guess it’s better than drinking.


Wtf, she is on a ladder?! Did you marry and breed with super woman?


Yes, she’s amazing. Very strange that I ended up with her. Not sure why she’s stayed with me for so long.


Day 13 of a smoothie cleanse… taste a lot better than it looks lol


Mayo is just the bomb! I must be part Dutch because I can eat mayo by itself!