Foodies Unite!


Samosas :heart_eyes: one day I will learn to make a healthy, baked version. Or I will wake up to find an airfryer in my life.


Oh wow do you know how to make naan?


We tried to make saag once. Didn’t really work very well.


I just buy it at the local market. Although making it on my own might be an interesting idea.


OMG! Idea bubble! Pick a day and we’ll make it on that day and upload the results ! Photo presentation counts for half the grade!


That’s a tough one , but a nice healthy flavorful dish if done right.


Dude! Those grinds look ono!


I’ve never tried to make that, but it’s on my list now :slight_smile:


Down! Just say when and I’ll join you!


It was so good and I have leftovers for lunch!


Sausages, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts and gravy! Mmmm :hugs:


Looks yummy and very British :wink:


Oh yes I suppose it is! :rofl:


Our dinner tonight. Simple but tasty. It’s just chicken and cherry tomatoes and spaghetti in a pesto sauce. We made this a lot last summer when our cherry tomato crop was going gangbusters. We just use a jar of pesto now, but I’d love to learn to make our own pesto.


I make my own pesto in my Ninja. Its only 4 ingredients and takes about a minute to make :slight_smile:


Sounds easy! We’ll have to stop being lazy and just do it. But what’s a Ninja?




Yeah, don’t have that. Looks fun though! I’m guessing our food processor would work just fine. Kitchen gadgets are fun though.


That’s a six pack I can roll with!


Mmm looks lovely!