Foodies Unite!


I am unsuccessfully trying to get my two year old to sleep, and I just read this entire thread. I’m salivating. @Hope0110 and @Bill_Phillips - is there nothing you can’t do? Y’all, amongst many others, are starving me to pieces!


Welp, my husband decided he didn’t want the tamarind roasted chicken and cardamom infused rice I made. So we had 5 Guys. Lol. And then I threw up because 5 Guys and gastric bypass don’t mix. Yay.


Oh lordy - I would sell some plasma for some tamarind roasted chicken and cardamom infused rice! So sorry about the tummy troubles…


I wish we had eaten the healthy meal I made. Lol. If I eat anything with more than 10 grams of sugar or 12 grams of fat per serving, my body will automatically reject it. The oh-so-attractive and accurate term for us gastric patients is “dumping.” Its pretty horrifying. So I think I’ll spend tomorrow recuperating and rehydrating. Lol.


Those make me nauseous. I’ve never liked bread or rice or noodles. None of those plain substantive foods. I’ve only been able to eat fruits and veggies. And as of today, a brownie.
Oh and I also keep track of everything I eat. I mostly keep track cause my mom thinks I eat too much and I gotta prove her wrong lol.


Wouldn’t we all lol? Especially if we didn’t have to make it. Also just yummmmm.


My bastardized version of chicken Rogan Josh.


Oh wow, that looks fantastic!




I’ve never even heard of that - but I want it!


When you can’t sleep because its still in the 90’s and your house is like walking into a preheated oven!


Home grown shucked peas (what a pain in the ass), chopped sweet peppers, mire poix, and mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil. The tamarind roasted chicken cut up and all simmered in a Rogan Josh sauce for a few minutes. Served over the cardamom infused rice and topped with toasted slivered almonds.


Then there’s me who just eats Italian ice and calls it dinner lol😆


Aw, Bill… I am sorry to lack sweating with you tonight. (Ouch, that sounded so wrong.) My bad luck has an air conditioner blowing on me until after the holiday weekend. It seems great except I have to go back home eventually and it is just going to seem that much more hot.


Um, what is Rogan Josh?


I thought he was a musician???


Yeah, there is one a/c in the house but I keep it in Dylan’s room because that’s how much I love him :slight_smile: This is the first summer I have not had central air in 15 years…It sucks!


I love Lindy’s Italian ice. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d go to Ritas for a gelati!


I’m sitting in my underwear with a fan about 2 inches from me…I know, it’s an attractive picture, but not worthy of a sober selfie :wink:


It’s so good. My favorite is root beer lol. You? What’s Rita’s?