Foodies Unite!


You’d never eat that. It looks like it has parmesan on it. Lol


I know, but a few days ago @Englishd was saying that his current peeve is people saying things are “like crack” because they are so good.


LOL. I figured it had more to do with “crack” than the recipe. Just wanted to bust your chops.


Have you seen the better than crack brownies? Yum! Bit overkill tho


lunch date today with @Yomomma



Grilled cheese and tomato soup, cause I feel like crap!


Chicken, peppers and snap peas stir fried over black rice noodles.

and a giant Tazo zen iced tea with extra fresh mint.


Fried potatoes with eggs…I’ll give them a try lol

Edit: I made them with coconut oil and OMG the taste was amazing. Now I’m full and sleepy :+1::blush:


I have two big patches of mint growing in my yard, chocolate-mint and cinnamon-mint. I make mint tea year round, and during the holidays, mint cookies, and minted lamb chops.

Need to get more recipes involving mint, because so much of it gets hacked and tossed, to keep the patches manageable.


You can make peppermint essential oil! That stuff is like icy hot on steroids.


Because our herbs tend to come in bumper crops, I either dry or chop and freeze my extra herbs. I have so many different “pestos” in my freezer. But makes for fresh, easy meals all year.


Back when my Dad was growing up in Central Washington there was a big jack rabbit infestation and the county issued and extermination order since they were demolishing entire crop fields in short amounts of time.

Central Washington also happens to be one of the few places in the nation that can grow mint agriculturally for big market distribution. Many of these fields are used primarily for mint oil. Some of these fields extract on site and dispose of the mulch on the side of the field to rot away.

Anyway, during this jack rabbit hunt, one hunter went missing. No one knew what happened to the guy until a couple months later when they found his bones. Apparently he’d climbed a massive hill of mint refuse for a vantage point and got stuck and sank down into the mint leaves unable to escape.

He literally suffocated and burned up in the mint. Sucky way to go.


Same here. I have a dehydrator, plus I have a green house for pots of basil, chive, oregano. I just have way more mint than I can use. Seriously. My 2 patches are like 16sqft.


I am going to make this. Seems easy enough, and I’ve got plenty of mint. Likely use coconut oil for the carrier. We keep a bunch of it on-hand.


Coconut oil is a great carrier oil. I made homemade “vicks” vapor rub with it.


but at least he smelled good, which is likely why they couldn’t find him.


Oh dear gosh! That’s a horrible way to go. :frowning:


Smelled good from 20 feet away. Dont want to burn the nostrils!


That’s horrifying Rob! I’m gonna have nightmares about mint…