Foodies Unite!


It’s an Italian ice chain here in the Mid-Atlantic…Gelati is a mix of flavored ice (I like green apple) and frozen vanilla custard…it really is a piece of heaven!!


I have some porn for you.


Huh. Interesting. Sounds yummy.




Hey! Some people are triggered by that! :rofl:


Welp. Just realized I haven’t eaten a full 1600 Calories in over a week. Eeek. Ah well.


It’s staring right at me with a shitty grin!!!


O. M. G. That looks AMAZING!!!


The first day it opens for the season there is a line about a 1/2 mile long! And yes, it is amazing!


Just think about sticking your junk into it and it should take care of the trigger. :wink:




Ok that’s impressive. Nom nom nom.


That doesn’t even trigger me, but now I’m hiding like a turtle :joy:




It was bound to happen after 1500 posts…someone throw a food pick back in here to break the cycle :wink:


Boom! From about a week ago, but yeah.


Thank you! And happy belated Birthday :birthday:


Not mine lol. My sisters. I bake cakes lol. That reminds me I was never paid. Dang! Gotta get that $$$$


Liquid breakfast :wink:
Broccoli, ginger, apple and oranges. Tastes :ok_hand:


I miss Rita’s! You must be in the Southeastern PA part of the country!! I miss Philadelphia.