Foodies Unite!


Cookies with vegetables.


Do tell…


I attempted homenade apple pie and it wasn’t bad!

(***an I wonder why I’m working out and not losing)


I can’t seem to copy and paste the website. It is from Pinterest. They are zucchini oatmeal cookies.


Sounds good.


Grilled pork tenderloin, mashed sweet potatoes, and grilled asparagus with a grilled citrus vinaigrette.


Ribeyes, on a plastic plate lol. So classy.


They look damn good!


Heavenly! So delish!

Tryna get it


Did you share? I cut up some chicken for our cat last night. Frankly, he was rather judgy.


Lol. Not these steaks. He usually gets some bites but tonight I was starved.


Omg yum! :yum:


Tonight it’s basa fillets seasoned with Thai Seasoning, with some steamed pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, avocado

and some mayo… always have to have mayonnaise with my dinner… . It’s the Dutch in me :speak_no_evil:


roll biscuit with strawberrys


Oh lordy - ours is too, @Bill_Phillips! Can you ship on of those down south?


Haha…would if I could :slight_smile:



That looks amazing! I think I’m going to have to end my I’m not cooking streak today after seeing this post lol


So glad I could inspire :blush: It was really tasty I have to say. Feel great when I have cooked real dinner which I have the past weeks :grin:


Got a hook up to an aquantance’s family Cherry orchard. Just picked 13 pounds of Bings and Rainiers for $7. These cherries taste extra sweet.