Foodies Unite!



Brushetta, fresh from Farmers market, with aged balsamic


Your wife was climbing a ladder that pregnant? She’s badass!


She gets tired, but she’s got pretty good endurance. She’s a runner, when shes not pregnant, that is. She ran a 1/2 when she was pregnant with Truman and Elliott.

This conversation should honestly be in the brag thread. :rofl:


Agreed. She’s a freaking warrior (and she puts up with you lol)! I’m hoping that ad my days of sobriety add up, I can get back to yoga and running. 3 weeks today. And I’ve gained like 7 pounds. Ugh. I guess it’s better than drinking.


Wtf, she is on a ladder?! Did you marry and breed with super woman?


Yes, she’s amazing. Very strange that I ended up with her. Not sure why she’s stayed with me for so long.


Day 13 of a smoothie cleanse… taste a lot better than it looks lol


Mayo is just the bomb! I must be part Dutch because I can eat mayo by itself!


Haha I can too! I even take a container of mayo with me when we got out and have hot chips :joy:


That’s revolting. Mayo is vile. When I was a kid, my older sister and her boyfriend dipped pickles in mayo at my Holy Communion party to watch me vomit!


You guys are all getting fancy and here I am eating fruit loops out of a red solo cup with a plastic spoon :joy::joy:



Nothing wrong about that, last time I had fruit loops when I was a kid :sob:


Curry time :heart_eyes:
Sweet potatoe, broccoli, onion, ginger and some chicken (I was craving for chicken since days).


Oh that’s no good.
I buy them once a month. Haha
They are my favorite :purple_heart:


You so fancy!


Nicecream with peaches and bananas…almost killed my blender :grimacing::zap:


That is the funniest - and worst - visual I’ve had in ages!


Yeah I’m a sympathetic gagger so it’s really easy to get me to hurl. People love to make me vomit on demand. Lol.


Too hot for the stove or oven. Avocado bagel with fresh Thai basil and spices, hard-boiled egg, and evoo.