Foodies Unite!


whimper sounds Feed it to me…


Mayo is sweet and delicious if you ask me. Perfect nutrition, virtually no carbs and 11g fat per serving.


I just threw up in my mouth a little.


Well you are very welcome. Lol!


Agreed. I can eat mayo with other stuff. But, if its visible, nast…


You always give me the nicest treats!


Just fired up the grill to cook meat with fire.

Steaks, chops, salmon, scallops


What time should I be there? I’ll bring veggies and dessert.


Homemade marinade! Stay tuned for the final product.


Asian marinated orange roughy, sauteed mushrooms and fresh shucked peas, and a rice blend.


That looks great! I’ll be back to cooking now that I have A/C…I’m tired of cold cuts :slight_smile:


It was good, but we don’t have a/c and it’s over 90 degrees in my apartment right now. Ugh.


Uhg! I just got bailed out with one, so I’m counting my blessings. I literally woke up in a puddle of sweat this morning.


I feel ya there. I can barely get enough water in me. And it’s humid as I’m all sticky too. I know, I know, try be jealous everyone!



Ugh is right, you poor thing!!!


My no cooking strike had to end sometime, I missed real food for dinner…peanut butter and jelly was getting old after a week lol


RIIIIIIIIIIBS…I want some too


They were sooo good! Even on a shitty plastic plate, I’ve been boycotting doing everything lol.


I don’t care about the plate…I just want riiiibs :wink: