Foodies Unite!


Yum looks so good!


Avocado toast with fresh basil, chives, and cilantro. Tomato, bacon, and hard-boiled egg.


Mmmmeat! :heart_eyes:


MMMMMMM Bacon :wink:


Dude, if you feed me when we meet you may never get rid of me! It always looks soooo good!


Pasta with eggplants! Celebrating 1 week sober!


Please don’t ban Me from the foodies. 1,50 €


Lol…that looks good! You can’t get banned from the foodie thread. @Englishd posted a peanut butter and fluff and he’s still around :joy::joy:


Omg, hahaha!


That’s fine with me! I love cooking and experimenting. I always make too much food for Chris and me. I think growing up Italian Catholic may contribute to the quantity of food I make (and eat).


We really need to get a potluck going someday. I’m thinking a KOA camp site would be fun! It could be a talking sober camping trip. How freaking fun would that be!


Ahi tuna steak on a gang of spinach, with roasted onion, jalapeno, parsnip, cucumber, and sweet potato, topped with nutritional yeast.

I was debating on carry-out, because cooking makes my apartment incredibly hot…


When you’ve had gastric bypass but don’t care. From top left going clockwise: black sesame, vanilla chai, salty caramel corn (middle), Revolution coffee, and mascarpone peach ice cream. Some were vegan, some were GF, some were chock full of dairy (peaches and mascarpone rocked my world). All were delicious. Worth the after effects.


Omg, vanilla chai whaaaaaat??


Lemon/caper chicken on top of sauteed kale with onions, garlic, grapeseed oil and acv.


So intensely good. Especially when we put some vanilla chai and some black sesame on the same spoon. Fucking fantastic!


We are so not as fancy as new York here. Or even anywhere else actually, I can’t even find those yogurts everyone else gets to enjoy that @Yoda-Stevie recommended around here! lol


Yeah, but we have the best whoopie pies!


And fluff. And Italians


Ah. We have this local ice cream shop, Lake Effect Ice Cream, and they’re amazing! Everything is locally sourced.