Foodies Unite!


Brunch: :bacon:, :egg:, :mushroom: and a lil bit o :tomato: ketchup


See a theme happening here?? #lowcarblife


Well deserved slices after my altercation at the laundry mat. Pizza always brings me to my happy place :pizza::laughing:


Luca and I are getting ready to throw down before we clean on my day off. If only I could find the trash bags that I know I bought.


Looks yum! Now I have that Suzanne Vega song stuck in my head :laughing:


The Toms Diner song?


This is so good. I think this is the first time I have cooked in over a week. I have been living on nuts, pretzle nuggets and raw vegetation while at work.


Luka…the one that lives on the second floor upstairs from you. I think you’ve seen her before :wink:


Oh, the fetal name… I don’t think I have heard it. I’ll have to check it out. My fetus will get a new name when we know what we are dealing with.


Its a good song


Baked stuffed peppers…Pizza style! Ground turkey, marinara, onion, shrooms and cayenne pepper. Cheese pepperoni and shrooms on top.


Love that idea


Leftover pork belly and veg for lunch :hugs:


Turkey meat loaf, garlic mashed cauliflower and garlic/lemon veges :laughing:



My breakfast! -for the vegan foodies out there-

Oat milk porridge, cashew butter, blueberries, strawberries, mixed nuts, seeds and dried fruit. :blush:

Yes there are oats under all that!


I was totally looking for them oats or something… Looks very, very good though. Cashews and cashewbutter?


What can I say, cashews are awesome.


Most nuts are good. Pecans are ok and walnuts are gross.


for the moment I live on my own and I can’t cook. My first attempt at fried chicken. I should have went to KFC!