Foodies Unite!


So, now where is Bill and why is it waiting on Mandi? Should we all quit and try again?


I can see you and hope…


My phone is being a bitch! Or maybe it’s my internet.


Alright, trying again.


I’m starting to think the app is being a little bitch.


If you guys still want to play tonight I just quit and send a new game. Maybe quit the game you are looking at and see a new invite. Maybe that will work.


I want in!


Okay, never mind. I’m not a reliable player at night…


Paaaaaancaaaakes :kissing_heart:


I’m not a reliable game player ever. I download games, and don’t play them. I only check sober time in the morning, and around dinner. Sometimes before bed. If I’m going to have a screen in my face, I’m usually reading.:joy::woman_shrugging:


This is one of the best pickle recipes I’ve found.


Sorry just saw this now. My girlfriend went home to Philadelphia an hour ago.



Omg. I’m dying of starvation now. :dizzy_face:


That looks amazing Jessi!


I dont eat tacos, but I’m making taco bowls for my old timers!


Homemade chicken alfredo on my finest china of course! :joy:


Trying to eat less sugar.


Err merr gerrrrd!! I NEED to find these!!


They’re so good, it’s evil. I think they’re a seasonal item, so get 'em quick!