Foodies Unite!


And funions lmao. My girlfriend in Missouri makes me mail them to her, no joke! With fluff lol


Um, I’m going to have to go with a hell no on that. My PA Dutch husband would highly dispute that. Their family recipe dates to before the Civil War. Lol. In fairness, I think all whoopie pies are grody.


And as a Philadelphian Italian, I’m giving that a hell no as well.


I’ve had both…Maine wins for me. And if you haven’t had Amatos’s…well…maybe Mandy will mail you one…LOL :joy:


I found hot funions at the latino market down here…I was shocked! But they were good!


Not sure if you ever saw this picture…it might of been before you joined


Do you have a Hannaford or Shaw’s near you? At least they have it in York Beach.

Use this to find where you can buy Skyr. Eating Skyr should be a right, not a privilege.


Omg. Amatos Italians! When I could eat gluten that literally was the first thing I ate. Second was chinese. Third a donut lol.


Yeah…had those before. Gave me a case of the screaming mimi’s.


So someone here gave me the recipe for hillbilly shepherds pie and I finally made it tonight. Let me just tell you it is amazing!!


Yes, they did that to me as well…but worth it! I worked at Shaw’s in High School until I got fired for stealing a case of Heineken…sophomore year…if that wasn’t a sign…lol!


Is that hot dogs???


Walmart has it here!


It is! And tator tots. Lol
Here is the recipe
I didn’t use onions tho. Or top with the sketch or mustard :joy:


Pretty much every grocery store has it where I live, giant, harris teeter, walmart, target and Wegmans.

Wegmans is a foodies Disneyworld.


I wish we had wegmans…nearest one is over an hour away…may be worth it one day though.


That is hilarious…I don’t think my doctor would approve that for me…thats may sodium intake for a week…lol!


Mines a half hour away. Worth it.


It was so good.


@Bearsbeersbears I made the hillbilly shepherds pie!!
You are right it was so good.