Foodies Unite!


Oooh…you can get a e-coupon on there site for just signing up…i’ll get mine tomorrow and post y thoughts :slight_smile:


I am making this. Sad, but I have everything on-hand.


Tuscan chicken sausage, sauteed kale and chard, roasted garlic, mushrooms and onions with pasta. I’m not.


I had skyr for a while. It was Super good, but I changed to something that has no sugar and more protein


Plain greek yogurt with fresh fruit is the way to go, but I do love me some strawberry rhubarb Noosa, but the sugar :flushed:


Took my leftover lemon/caper chicken and made a simple salad.


Fresh grilled corn off the cob and my favorite pepperjack grilled cheese!


Interesting combo…but I like it! I could basically eat grilled cheese everyday! Ever try and toast the bread with mayo instead of butter?


Tuna melt time.

And I use Greek yogurt - not mayo. Lol


Did you make the hillbilly shepherds pie?



Spag bol with lotsa salad (with mayo of course @Caustic :speak_no_evil:)


Omg no! I do not like mayo unless it is mixed in something. I’m a spicy mustard kind of gal. Butter only for this fattie!


Omg yes! Soooooo good! Mayo is life for me hahaha


Not yet, but I will before the week is through.


Shredded chicken from my BBQ company, roasted veggies, and corn, smothered in ghee and paprika. I took my corn off the cob, since one of my front teeth is fake*, biting into stuff like that just doesn’t work.

*Got kicked in the mouth by someone stagediving at a show I was at. It wasn’t fun.


Mayo is the nectar of the God’s!

Side note, I just watched Joey Chesnut mow down like 65 hot dogs and I’m hooonnnggrryyy


Making homemade spaghetti sauce with peppers, onions, mushrooms, sweet turkey sausage and Ground turkey. Thinking baked penne. Oh yeah, this may be my favorite kitchen tool :laughing:


Baked penne ready for the oven.


Potato salad and hot dogs. Doing the 4th like a boss.