Foodies Unite!


What tool is that?


You put garlic cloves in it, put on the cover and twist it. It chops garlic perfectly!


Nice. Where’d you get it? I normally microplane my garlic cloves.


I actually found it in a reduced for quick sale shopping cart at my local grocery store. It was 5 bucks and I was like “that’s convenient”. I use it all the time and have for over all year.


Made a “club” salad with blue cheese!


Au contraire, my bearded friend – mayonnaise is the devil’s condiment!


Well he and I are tight then lol. I got a fever for the mayo.

Mayo makes everything better. I’ll eat it by itself for a quick hit of fat and sweet!


Haaaaangery! What we have here is a huge salad with a burnt chipotle black bean veggie burger, salad made of stuff the meat eaters I stay with don’t want including the lamest of lettuce: iceberg lettuce. It has a delicious low calorie dressing I made of 3 tablespoons of burnt, minced garlic from a jar, basalmic vinegar, a teaspoon of olive oil, and red pepper flakes.


One nice thing about living in fruit country is how cheap I get it. When we went picking cherries were .50/lb. That’s awesome and tough to beat. But, today beat it by a long shot. I have patients who do cherry harvest. They brought me in a grocery bag full of fat juicy cherries. 8 lbs maybe? And free for the win! Last week we also had an attorney bring me some peaches, cherries and blueberries.


Theres a client at the lawyers office my mom works at who comes in every year with cases of cartons of blueberries, we eat them til we turn the same shade of blue/purple as veronica in the chocolate factory lol. There are fields on 2 sides of their house and when it isnt full of tobacco or soybeans its melons…I cant eat watermelon or cantaloupe anymore lol, it’s all of about a 30 yd round trip from sittin on the couch to standing at the kitchen counter cutting one


So I kinda ate one of your Spanish speaking cousins the other week @DowntroddenGoat :grimacing: if it’s any consolation he was rather delicious tho lol

Chivo w/ potatoes and plantains (not pictured as they were devoured b4 I thought to get the camera out lol) the drink is fresh squeezed passion fruit, mango, and pineapple juices




$0.50 a pound?! :flushed: They are between $5-7 dollars here


By itself :nauseated_face:





Caprese salad for my mom (I had the vegan version). Summer classic!


I love caprese salad. I think I’ll make that tomorrow as I have some fresh basil growing in my kitchen.


Went to make chicken kibobs…no skewers. So, we improvise. Chicken with peppers, tomato, onion, pineapple, lemon and lime juice, sweet potato muffins, and pasta salad.


There’s a marionberry tree (bush?) at my new house. I am so effing stoked!