Foodies Unite!


I’ve never thought to add saffron to pasta…that looks fantastic! It’s on my list now :slight_smile:


I would add it to everything! Even to ice cream! Well, they do it in India and Iran…


Good going Bill :slight_smile:


I thought all donuts were vegan??? isn’t the glaze just sugar and water usually???


Most doughnuts have some sort of dairy or egg in them.


That’s unnescessary…yeast will make it fluffy and milk is easy to substitute…Don’t even know why the egg would me used??


I trust they use milk instead of a substitute based on price variances.


I call BS on that…water is cheaper than milk :wink:


Yep :thinking: Baked goods with almond and cashew milk are so much better! That nuttiness just can’t come from regular milk :slight_smile:


I think it’s great btw that the alternatives are becoming competative in prices,…I think some oat “milk” I just bought for vegans for this event we were catering was about the same as regular milk…like 20 cents more or so…


I’ve never tried oat milk…hmmmm…


It’s pretty popular in here…we do have the almond etc ones too but those are way more expensive

#1892 This seems to be a swedish company that makes it…


The oat spread garlic cucumber sounds sooooo goodd!


The ones I make best have eggs in it. Gluten free deliciousness right there, glazed donuts. Mmmm…


Now you’re just making me hungry…DAMN :wink:


Hey me too! The steak started it. Now I’m dreaming about donuts. Again. Lol. Had the same thought yesterday when everyone in my house was eating donuts but I was too busy working to make them.


This place down here is the absolute bomb. You walk in pick your flavor and walk out with a fresh warm doughnut…and all your calories for one day…lol.


Come on…you were making donuts and didn’t even try one??? Blasphemy


Oh god no, they are able to buy them at the store. I just happened to walk up from my basement I was working on to see they were all eating them and I may or may not have called them all fuckers as I went back to work lol