Foodies Unite!


Sweet potato muffins? Sounds delicious. Care to share a recipe?


Every time someone mentions marionberries all I can think of is Tim Robbins on that Portlandia episode… “you cut the line! I mean this is pure anarchy, cutting the line eating human flesh, bleed piggy bleed!” Lmao


One thing that was awesome about the west side. While I was out running, I could stop on the side of the road most places and have a mini feast of raspberries or blackberries.


It was nothing too crazy. Just boiled sweet potatoes, then mashed them with a little almond milk, threw them in to some muffin pans and baked them. They came out decent. Firm enough to hold shape, but could be cut with a fork.


Going to make this cold poached fish dish, put of my Nordic cookbook.


Nice…I made salmon soup once from a Finnish recipe…it was so good. Make sure to show the results.


Roasted chicken with potatoes :+1:


Get. In. My. Belly!


Too late, it’s already in my belly :yum:


Jealous. :triumph:


Kinda bummed they added 17 more states where available…but I guess michiganders can’t be too selfish


That sounds awesome man, just the words cold fish got me craving ceviche lol, I know what’s on the menu for lunch 2mrw :grin: …might give ur recipe there a try just to switch it up


Started cleaning out the pantry. This morning I have already made pancakes, eggs, chicken fettuccine alfredo, chocolate cake with white frosting and Christmas sprinkles, and chocolate chip cookies. Still on my agenda is a loaf of bread.


Lol…killing it in the kitchen :laughing:


Chicken burrito with avavocado salsa I just whipped up!


Aaahahahaha, @Englishd.


You’d never eat that. It looks like it has parmesan on it. Lol


I know, but a few days ago @Englishd was saying that his current peeve is people saying things are “like crack” because they are so good.


LOL. I figured it had more to do with “crack” than the recipe. Just wanted to bust your chops.


Have you seen the better than crack brownies? Yum! Bit overkill tho