Foodies Unite!


That’s the thing really…We can’t have those kinda treats cause they will kill us…yet they are so delicious…


Those damned fuckers…I hope they choke on their donuts :wink:


But not bad enough for me to have to stop working to give the the Heimlich! Lol


Donut eaters don’t deserve Heimlich…a heavy smack on the back at the most :wink:


Stuffed peppers :hot_pepper: & what’s this game everyone’s on?? I want in :raising_hand_woman:‍♀️


Those look :bomb:


Leftover turmeric chicken with added curry, sauteed kale and corn and garlic roasted Yukon golds.

Edited to rotate the picture


Those look amazing! We made them for lunch today for my oldies too! Yum!


I had left over applewood pork smothered in pepperjack cheese… it was gone before I could take a photo!!


I’m making pork tomorrow…have not had it forever! I also put pepper jack on my pork sandwiches as well :slight_smile:


I usually cook all my meats in the crock pot while I’m at work (I cheat, and it doesn’t heat up the house!), but I LOVE them better as leftovers and smothered in cheese… usually pepperjack br any cheese will do!


Yep! I’m doing the crock pot tomorrow. I pretty much eat cheese on something everyday (or alone)…I do not think there is one I don’t like :slight_smile:


I buy pepperjack from the deli, usually 2lb minimum. My eldest boy eats it the way I do… but at any given time I have 7 lbs of different cheeses in my fridge. The only cheese I dont care for alone, is swiss. But its delicious melted on hot sanwiches… but I love baby swiss off the block. :thinking:


Swiss tastes better melted


It sure does! Muenster cheese is also best melted too! Just found out they have a spicy muenster, that will be my next deli purchase. I literally die without cheese in my life!:cheese:


The mom and pop grocery store down the road from me, has 365 different types of cheese…it is a glimpse of heaven


I would probably pass out in there…lol!


Er merr gerrrd!! I’d never leave the store… someone would have to roll me out!


It’s a chain of 3 stores. Butcher their own meat, make their own sausages. Roast their own coffee, it’s like an amusement park for a foodie. Usually have 16 different soups made…I could go on


You can easily make your own oat milk if you have a blender :+1:

You need 1Liter water, 100gram Oats, a pinch of salt

Bring the water to a boil and add the salt and oatmeal. Allow the ingredients to simmer briefly and stir well.
Remove the pan from the heat and let it cool.
Pour the mixture into the blender and purée the contents until no or very fine bits are left.
Put the puree in a nutmilk bag (or a linen cloth), let the liquid run into a container and squeeze the mixture well, so that all the liquid escapes.
Finished! Now you can still add some sweets or spices, such as dates, cinnamon or vanilla.

Translated from a website I use often for cooking ideas :+1: