Foodies Unite!


Yum yum. I love homemade sweets


I love cooking with coconut oil :yum:


Omg! What a story :drooling_face:


Taco salad.


I’ll be over for dinner in a few!


I can’t move after eating all of it…lol.


That looks SO good!


See, that’s why you should have waited for me. I think I’ll make this soon. It’s been too long.


This is Cong Zhua Bing, it is a traditional breakfast dish here in Taiwan. The taste is incredible! It’s a spring onion/scallion savory kinda pastry pancake which is fried up with an egg and then rolled up and cut up in to pieces. It is probably one of my favourite dishes here :heart_eyes:


I definitely want that!


Oh my, that looks and sounds sooooo good!


Summer bucket list item checked off today. Make Worms In Dirt with the boys. (Pictured 80% of my boys)


It’s gorgeous, very unhealthy though so I only have it once per week :rofl:


Looks delicious!


Cold hotdogs, chipotle mayo on a styrofoam plate. That’s livin.


Dinner of champions!


I absolutely love cold oscar meyer dogs. I think I prefer them cold over grilled, pan fried or nuked.


Oh no!! Nothing beats them grilled. I love them cold but grilled piping hot almost burnt is where its at.


Grilled dogs with dijon mustard, ketchup, relish, sauerkraut, and a toasted bun!


I only do relish. Lol
Oddly I only use ketchup on grilled cheese and gator tots.
With my fries I use mayo :joy: