Foodies Unite!


Leftover lamb chops and veg for lunch


I just assumed you made this bean soup from scratch…

If you can’t cook yet, why did you try to make something so hard in the beginning?


I think that chicken looks pretty good!


Youtube made it look pretty easy!


It wasn’t bad. Just really, really greasy. Fried chicken is not for amateurs


That looks bomb! That Cole slaw :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


I facetimed my wife with the meal she said the slaw looked good. I explained I bought a bag of slaw and slaw dressing. She wasn’t impressed. I guess mayo works just as well as slaw dressing.


…I bet you KFC uses slaw dressing. I won’t tell anyone… lol


Lol, temperature next to the bone and food poisoning… I’d be so freaked out. I have this vegan chicken and waffles video I love every so often. Not because I care about making it but because watching her eat it cracks me up.


Tonight was Liverwurst sandwiches and potatoe chips. Adult cooking is way too difficult.



Oh I want dinner at your place:)
Looks fab!


Mac and Cheese about to be started here…cooking was always an excuse to drink…not missing THAT “ingredient” one bit.


something simple and yummy…mine and the kids fruit platter this morning


Put a pork loin in the crockpot before my adventures today. Bbq pulled pork, beans and homemade slaw :laughing:


Chicken, asparagus, egg whites, blueberries. I’m on that crossfit challenge diet and have to work with what I’m allowed to use lol. It’s actually pretty good and I’m way more full the entire day than I thought! (3 meals a day, 2 protein shakes).


Yum! That totally beats my chicken wings, broccoli & cauliflower tonight!


Chicken, broccoli and corn
Chicken is marinate is red wine vinaigrette, pepper garlic powder onion powder and red pepper flakes.


All I read in that sentence was “red wine”. Hahaha alcoholic much Rose?


Its a it’s a vinaigrette not alcohol lol