Football w/o beer?

This year is gonna be tough, im a football person and always go to the sports bar and have a beer with wings. Right now im at home watching the game with a diet pepsi and pizza. As temping i want a drink right now but i came on here to keep myself from getting a drink. Its my 3rd day of being sober and i know it will be hard. I cant give up football tho but any advice on how to deal and cope by being sober but still watch the game at a bar w/o a beer. I love to cheer with other people for my team.


What about giving up football at the bar, just for this season? Knowing next season you will be 1+ years sober and more than able to handle it.

Making our sobriety our #1 priority seems to just make this all a little less difficult.


I know it’s hard, we tend to focus on what we are losing when we quit, but try to focus on what you’re gaining.

  • Remembering the details of the game
  • Being able to drive if you have to
  • No Sunday evening headache or passing out on the couch
  • Being one of the few productive people at work on Mondays and/or Tuesdays
  • Self respect
  • Money saved

Hot damn that’s some fantastic advice.

Instead of doing all the things you normally do, which coincidentally include drinking, change it up and make new healthy habits that adhere to the lifestyle you’re trying to live.

If you go into a barber shop and sit in chair enough times, you’re eventually gonna get your hair cut.

I can tell you for a fact, it’s totally enjoyable to watch football without a drink. This is my second season sober… and I’ll be, I still like watching it.


Hey 3rd day, it’s my 3rd too. You got this.


Thanks and yeah money save for sure haha


I went to my first football sober. It was awesome. I actually remember some of the finer moments and was able to enjoy the time with my 8 year old son. I wasn’t worried about getting alcohol or sneaking it into the stadium.


What about an AA group that gets together to watch the games? I have met people in my groups who still enjoy their football!

People actually like and enjoy the taste of beer? I think a nice ice cold pepsi is more refreshing then a beer. Always took slaming that first one down to numb the rest. I never sipped on my alcohol because i never enjoyed it that much… Damn binge drinkerz :smile:


I used to trick myself into thinking I liked beer. Regardless of the taste my only purpose for drinking it was to get drunk as quickly as possible.


There are many of us who are football fans. The truth is that beer and wings are just a habit that you associate with football…so now it’s time to create new habits, new traditions. Ginger ale and wings works just as well as beer because what is REALLY important here…spending time with friends, chatting and laughing while watching the game. Beer is just a liquid.

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Why do you have to “deal and cope” with sober football? Do you watch it for love of the game, or for the drinking? Do you catch more of the nuance of the plays sober or drunk?

I am not into football. I watch combat sports. MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, and Lethwei. I see so much more “sweet science” sober, can appreciate the contest at a higher level. Lomachenko’s footwork. Le Duc’s masterful elbows and headbutts. Paccio’s hand speed.

If I had to “deal and cope” it would make this pastime a chore or a burden, and would have to be stricken from my life. I have enough “have to do’s” that I don’t need to be adding more.

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Not to mention those mid-game bets…better when the the suckers are drunk.

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