For the first time in years! 42 days clean!

I seriously can not believe that I made it this far… Thinking that before I started this journey of trying to stay clean I couldn’t hold on for 1 single day… I would self harm multiple times per day… And now for the first time in 6 years, I’m over 40 days clean. Last time I got to 20 days and now I doubled it and this has truly made me look at recovery in a different way… I’ve struggled for so long (accounting the fact that I’m 18) and being able to do this now makes me believe that recovery is possible, recovery is real…
Now I know that at any moment I may relapse… It happened before, it’s not new to me or to any of you I’m sure… And that’s okay, we must start over and over again, to stumble and rise back up again… Until the day we’ll finally feel strong and capable enough to continue without falling.
I’ve been reading some of your stories and they’ve really helped me… You are so strong and determined… I just hope and believe we’ll all reach happiness at the end
I wish you all the best
Stay strong :heart:


Stay with it. Mine is alcohol. Sober for 56 days. Never Quit.


I battled depression when I was younger. It started when I was 8. Constant bullying and pressure. I would also harm myself and had suicidal thoughts.

What helped me was when I finally opened up about it. I did it 2 years ago. Now I’m 22. 12 years silent. I wish I would have done this earlier, but I feel so relieved and free to finally speak about it.

I feel like I’m renewed. It’s not an addiction, but the hard part for me was to share my thoughts and what I feel. So my streak, was, how many days I would speak about my day, how I feel, to tell “I love you” to my family for supporting me.

I wish you the best.

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Wow! Amazing! Thank you and also keep it up :grinning:

I totally understand you. It started when i was 11, at 12 i started self-harming and suffered in silence for 5 years. Then a year ago i finally spoke about everything and got a psychiatrist and a psychologist. And I finally got to understand why I feel the way I feel. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. I started taking medication and was sent with urgency to a mental hospital so I could have free appointments (because in the beginning I was paying 150 € in appointments every week). Afterwards I ended up being interned at the mental hospital for a week and now I’m getting better, still struggling, but getting better.
You are really strong and I’m really happy you finally got the help and guidance you needed

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Thank you so much :heart:

That pretty much sums up a big part of my journey. I couldn’t even recognize what I was feeling…
It seems like you’ve had some rough years.

Money was a big problem for me as well (especially with my country in a deep economic crisis). Even spending 65€ every week for appointments was a big blow for me…

But look at you, sharing your story, your progress and your happiness with others. You couldn’t give a better gift to yourself. I’m happy for that.

You’re very strong too and I wish you once again, all the best in the world :slight_smile:

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I’m so thankful for those words and for your support, i can also see your life hasn’t been easy, at all and you are incredibly strong :heart::heart: thank you

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