For those who admire Space

In case you want to check it yourself.


Lovely pics from the Hubble.
Here are pics released today July 12, 2022 from the Webb Space Telescope looking into a spectrum that Hubble telescope can’t see.
All great and wonderful; each. Hubble. Webb.
Hope it’s OK with you I posted, I wanted to put it somewhere today and didn’t know where and you gave me an opportunity here.


I know this matters to you a lot (me too) and I’m so grateful you posted!

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So amazing!


Yes very much, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m always in awe of the beauty around us.

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Thank you for posting. I saw these pics/clips and it kind of got me thinking why don’t I share here. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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I apologize for my rushed msg “last night”, I had just gotten back from a store and yadda yadda. Absolutely no problem posting here. I had seen the depth of what the Webb telescope can see and it gave me the idea to look up a video ( I didn’t know it was 8+ hours long lol) and post it. I love Astronomy and I’m glad some other people enjoy it as well. Thanks again!! Such wonderful pics!!

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Space, the final frontier… (@Matt :wink:)

Thanks for the videos!
Sometimes I feel exhausted and horrified by our times, and sometimes, like now with these pictures, I feel lucky to be in this timeline :star_struck: