Fortune telling

I have caught myself recently trying to predict the future of a particular situation. I got myself so anxious and ticked off I had to go to a meeting. As an addict I do this quite often. Be wary of this, because it can be a precursor to relapse… I’m glad I’m starting to catch myself when I start to try to predict the outcome of something I can’t predict or control… Has anyone else had experience with this as well?


Absolutely! My anxiety results in me analyzing situations and past/future actions in every way possible. My brain just doesn’t stop. Used alcohol to slow or numb this but am finding with sobriety that I can actually control this over analysation better.


This was actually my number 1 trigger after getting through withdrawals. I realized my anxiety hadn’t gone away but was just suppressed by all of the drugging. I found myself mainly anxious before social situations or before I spoke thinking of all the wrong things I could say or things I would do to embarrass myself and then become visibly anxious and become self conscious about that! I would prevent myself from doing things or going out just tricking myself into thinking the outcome would be bad so why even try right? You aren’t alone there buddy and You are doing a great thing by surrounding yourself with sober folks at meetings! You do what you gotta do, I always hear that people needed to use or drink 3 times a day then they need 3 meetings a day to replace that fix! Keep working it and stay positive I think the anxiety will get better with time and especially trying to become mindful, try meditating to just stay in the moment by looking up some good ones on YouTube or my personal favorite is an app called Head space!


Absolutely. I used to build up entire scenerios in my head for things that hadn’t happened or had already happened. I was always living in the past or the future but never the present. All of it is fear based. It’s toxic, negative thought behavior. Meditation, breathing exercises, and journaling has done amazing things to keep me in the moment. I am not psychic and I am not God. I don’t have control over everything. And THAT is just fine.


I do this all the time.Trying to predict or control the outcome when its not even possible to do so.


Thank You very much!! It’s funny I have the headspace app! Love it!

@Annah. I’ve learned some breathing exercises that truly help me anyway… it’s called 7 4 8 so lay in a comfortable position with your legs straight out, not crossed for optimal circulation, pillow behind your head is fine as well… so breathe in deep through your nose for 7 seconds… hold your breath for 4 seconds, then breathe out your mouth for 8 seconds… then repeat immediately… do this for a couple minutes… while your doing this exercise focus on your breathing, imagine your stomach is a balloon that is inflating as you breathe in… and shrinking as you breathe out… when your done you will feel a sense of tiredness and a feeling of being relaxed! Hope this helps!!!

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Thank You very much!! Those are amazing!!


Thank you so much! I’m definitely going to try these!!! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: