Found a great recovery app

Discovered a great app today called AA Speakers Free.

I purposefully didnt put AA in the topic title because I know that is an immediate turn off for some - Im not AAs biggest fan either - but this app is great.

Loads of speakers on there talking about their experiences. Some stuff has really resonated with me and has helped a lot.

I’m not into religion or God or any of that and have found lots that aren’t religious. For those of us that have religion, there are lots with plenty of that element too.

Sure this app isn’t news to a lot of people. Just thought I’d share in case this is helpful to anyone.


Thanks for sharing this! It will be a great addition and very helpful to many I’m sure!

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I for one will check it out, thanks :blush:

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Thanks for sharing! Downloaded! I usually use YouTube but this looks cool. Even got Joe and Charlie big book study. :v:

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So glad people have found it helpful! :blush: