Four months of recovering

Hi. I wished talk here before, but if u see my latest posts u can verify that I had a lot of relapses. Only now, with four months of sobriety on my back I think that I deserve chat with all of u. A heavy depression fourth months ago made me think that alcohol it was killing me and my whole world. Now I have a lot of good days and bad days too. But I know I don’t gonna drink today. Read your stories help me a lot, and now I wanna help u too if I can. Thanks for sharing and I wish I can inspire someone. Keep on fighting, and u will win. God bless all of u.


Welcome back!

That, right there, is one of the biggest realizations that keeps a person sober!

Great job friend!


Thankssss a lot friend!

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Hey Andrew! You are ALWAYS deserving of support. ALWAYS. Congrats on four months. My perception and paradigm of alcohol consumption shifted for the better around 100 days. Congrats!


Thank u very much! Now I feel much better than the first 60 days. I apreciate a lot your words.

Well, you inspired me today! Thank you!

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