Freaking Miserable


My flight home got cancelled due to the snow. Sleeping in the airport tonight to try to catch the shuttle over the mountains at 9 AM. If there’s no room, I’ll have to wait until 11 AM.

No biggie. Just traveling for almost 24 hours.


Dude that suuuuucks! Hope you can get the shuttle. This too shall pass.


Been there done… no fun.

Had a 38 hr flight from Baltimore, MD to Kuwait City, Kuwait with 4 stop overs … so, my condolences to you is it can be worse :man_shrugging:t3:


Fingers crossed u catch the 9am shuttle. There’s no way I could actually fall asleep in an airport. You’ve gotta b friggin exhausted. Ugh


Slept for 2 hours. Was supposed to work at 9 this morning. Now I wont even be able to leave before 9. I’ll have to reschedule my patients.


Lawd. It’ll all work out, but what a mess


Ahhhhh barf!!! That’s the worst. I had that happen before. It’s the worst, I’m sorry :neutral_face:


Perhaps in between work things, you could make an alphabetical gratitude list and listing something that begins with the letter of the alphabet that you are grateful for? Gratitude is always a good way to combat misery.


welcome to the shit show, I mean club, hoping you get home soon


That’s awful!! I’m sorry :confused:


You know? I’m pretty sure it would be easier to sleep in a airport than with my children - and you have three more than I! Try to enjoy the tranquility, even under less than ideal circumstances.


Finally caught a shuttle to Yakima over the mountain pass. Chains were required, so we’re crawling along at below 30 mph, the pass shut down for an hour because they were doing avalanche testing. Pretty sure someone puked on the shuttle, cause it reeks. We still have like an hour or more to go until our first stop, and I need to pee.


Did you make it home yet bro?


Still in transit. On a shuttle that smells like baby diarrhea and I need to pee.


That sounds miserable.
Do you have a bottle handy to pee in lol


If only! Besides, theres a granny and a college aged girl next to me. I’m sure all the Amigos, Hombres, y Muchacos on the bus wouldnt care though.


Do you have much further of a journey to go.


No we don’t. We made it to the first stop and I was at least able to pee. But, were only like 30 miles from home and cant get over this other pass, because the driver couldn’t get his chains on. Now we’re taking a back route. Not ideal, but hopefully we will be able to get there


Would almost be faster to run no?


Dang, if only I had brought my running shoes!