Freaking Miserable


Been there! I’ve spent overnighters in airports of Beijing, Hong Kong, and Houston. Sometimes you meet some cool people who are stuck as well.


Made it home! Actually, to the office. Straight to work for a couple more hours, then home. Running on almost 3 cumulative hours of sleep over the last 36 hours


Atleast you’re not hungover! You got this!

You will sleep like the dead :slight_smile:


Never experienced that feeling, but I can imagine I probably feel somewhat similar. :dizzy_face:


Damn dude, sorry for your shitty trip! Glad you are home though! Next time, bring a book!


I did. Read about a 3rd of Elantris by Brandon Sanderson. Pretty awesome so far!


Elantris was really good! Haha, I wished it wasn’t his first book though. Some rookie mistakes are pretty obvious. Had he written it later it would have been a different book.

Have you gotten sick of the word “despot” yet? I swear he used it like 1000 times. Whenever I read that word in any other book I cringe. In one of his BYU lectures from 3 or 4 years ago he talks about how that’s one habit he can’t break, and how bad it was in his early career.


Haha! That’s funny that he realized how much he used the word. I hadn’t noticed yet. But, now it’s going to be the first thing I notice.