Fresh sobriety

Ok so im new to this. I have 60 days clean today. Which is so crazy to me. Ive been in treatment the whole time. Ive benn on drugs since 12 and im 38. Ive tried the sobriety thing so many times. I can get sober, but staying sober is another story. I just need people i can talk to who know what im going through


Waaavw, congratulations, can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for so long and considering drugs addiction since 12. This community is helping me staying sober, you’re in a good place. Take care

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Congrats on 60 days clean Amy. Great job.:muscle:

This community can definitely help keep you sober if you’re active here. Hope to see you around.

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Welcome to the community Amy and congrats on your 60 days of sobriety.
This is a great place to connect with fellow addicts trying to live a sober life.

Take some time to read around. Jump in when you feel comfortable. You are not alone on this journey :people_hugging:

Yep started weed when i was 11 then crystal for 7 years then cigarettes then alcohol You can do this i think we always need something to fall back on ( crutch) here we have each other STAY STRONG AMY :+1::ok_hand::muscle::checkered_flag:

Just chiming in to say welcome, Amy! Glad you are here :heart:

Try be sober many times but always go addiction liquor that why am rehab almost sober week

Welcome to the forum!! Congratulations on ur 60 days of freedom! I started using hard drugs at 15 and im 38 also. I too had the same issue. It was tough getting clean but i could do it… it was staying clean for long periods of time that was the hardest. My mind would start lieing to me, telling me that I could do a little bit and be fine or that I didnt have a problem any longer, etc. And Id begin to forget how bad things really were. The trick for me was to write down in great detail, how bad my life was when i was sooo desperate to quit. And id remind myself daily so that my mind couldnt try and trick me. Stay connected to ur supports, attend a mtg if ur into those, and feel free to look around the forum and join in :slight_smile: we are all here for u!