Friday Night PLUS Valentine's Dinner MINUS Drinks

I’m on day 5, really trying to not be tempted. It’s Valentine’s day and a Friday, I’m going to a beautiful restaurant with my husband, I also have off tomorrow from work and these are the days I feel most tempted. Especially after feeling so good after not drinking, my mind goes into “Well you’re feeling better from drinking last time, it’s now okay to do it again, let’s have fun.” This sucks, I want to be one of those people who doesn’t even think of these things, I’m truly envious and it’s hard. I plan to order a club soda tonight, it’s my go to when I’m not drinking. Any mental advice?

The only mental advice is, enjoy the moment, enjoy the soda, enjoy the time with your husband over a beautiful valentine’s meal, enjoy the journey home, enjoy you and husband time when you get home and last but not least, enjoy when you wake up in the morning feeling AMAZING.

Have a great night.


Yes. It doesn’t get easier. You get stronger.

You say “no” to the drink that matters…the first drink, and there can’t be a second or third or eighth. You win, 100%, and you are stronger for the effort.

If you are tempted, say this: “I won’t drink because I don’t drink. I am a non-drinker.” Say it until it becomes true.


Just enjoy the moment and don’t worry about anything else. Before you know it you will be home and thinking what the hell was I worried about.

Thank you, I love this advice, I may sound a little corny, but I nearly teared up, due to to the fact that typically these nights I “think” I enjoy it because of the false feelings that alcohol give me, but I end up just thinking of the alcohol, not the moment. Your right I’m going to enjoy all the moments that alcohol has made me forget.

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For the second I read it doesn’t get easier, my stomach dropped, thinking ughhhhhh I’ll never be able to stop then, but I continued and read that I’ll get stronger, and you couldn’t be more right. Powerful words and I thank you. No one drink tonight.

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Can’t argue with you here! I’ll get stronger and the alcohol will just be an afterthought

If you get it right alcohol won’t even be in your thoughts only as a " oh yeah, I used to do that"

Keep strong and just know you will feel much better in the morning physically and mentally.Best wishes😉