Friday night - what's up


Ordered Chinese takeout and watched A Quiet Place!! Now it’s after midnight and I have to tutor in the morning so it’s time to sleep! It was my first sober Friday in about 9 months!


Planning out my future and enjoying my last 2 days of vacation cause come Monday everything changes!


Got home from our 9 day vacation at 4pm and got to a meeting at 5:30, too long away from AA! Then ordered food and helped my little one into a hot bath, poor kiddo got sick the last 2 days of our trip. Happy to be home. :blush:


Oh look at that smile! :heart_eyes:

I have a border collie so it’s hard to really wear her out. She would play fetch all day long if she had it her way.



Haha we have just finished watching Travelers. Did really like it. You just get used to the acting :joy:

I never finished Twin Peaks, it’s on my list to pick up again at some point.


These sound amazing!


Whoop! That’s amazing :pray:


Thank you! I assume it all goes into a blender and you roll them into balls?


That is such a lovely thing to do :heart:


Its my new planner I was coloring :slight_smile:


This is such a great idea! Love it!


Love Twin Peaks. Enjoy!

In regards to the acting…it can get pretty campy at some points, but I believe its intentional. Some of it is, yes, just bad…most of the TP fanbase bemoans the entire James Hurley character, including the acting.


I find a blender makes it too small…pulse them in a good processor. Well, pulse all the ingredients EXCEPT the water…then once you have everything looking like small chunks, blitz the water in. Rolling them is messy work​:joy: and at that point their too mushy to eat…but once you stick them in the freezer for twenty minutes they’re delicious. Oh! I also add a little cinnamon sometimes, you know…if I’m feeling wild :partying_face:


I have a chopper so I’ll pop it in that. Thank you. Looking forward to trying it out.


This is beautiful :heart:


Nice…let me know how it goes!


I actually liked the acting on Travelers well enough.

Like @TMAC said, it’s Twin Peaks that’s killing me. The show is soooo campy (the acting, that humming soundtrack that comes on all the time to be spooky). I don’t think I can take anymore. :sweat_smile:


Another Friday has come, time to revive the thread.

What’s up for tonight/the weekend, folks?

Once I finish up work, I’ve got a whole bunch of nothin’ to do!


Cup of tea, bath and an early night! I have work tomorrow :blush: