Friday night - what's up


We had the call, and the only person losing their job is the President of my division. Prevailing consensus is that this is long overdue.


I’ve been to Maine and listened to loons cries at night. You guys have so much nature there its nuts. I saw my first ever mama moose and her baby in Maine too. From inside a car parked at a safe distance.


Netflix and quesadillas :grin:


That’s a winning combination!


First sober Friday attempt since 2 months … only day 3, and like every other week since January after 3 days loneliness and boredom it me in the face. Just came out of the gym, had eaten well all week. I’m ashamed i kind lost my shape during these 2 months of binge drinking. Damn the only thing that seems attractive right now is 2 bottles of wine with some binge watching movies. I could do some reading. I like it. I think the best thing would be to go in a coffee shop so I’ll be out of the same environment I’m in since January drinking by myself. I have friends and familiy who would like to see me. But I don’t feel like seeing anyone… I feel like I have to work on myself and just focus on not drinking. But I don’t trust me. It’s rough.
Hope you guys having a Good Friday night !!


Well done Stay strong :grinning:


Home, sick. Snowing. Just about to go tuck the hens in (I seriously have to sing “Good Night, Ladies” to them or they won’t roost up). Bed early, work tomorrow, and day 10 begins. Any tips why I can’t post pics? I don’t see the pic, just the long numeric string, even though it appears to be uploading. Thanks, Evr’ybody!


OMG. Best. Thing. Ever.


Thanks. I am actually at the coffee shop. Written 1 page for my research project. No pressure tonight. Just writing anything to keep my mind focus. As I drove to the coffee i fought that inner voice who’s been putting me down since January and to relapses. Day 3 is rough.


You’ve got the right idea, just stick to it!!! You can do it!


Saving Private Ryan with the girls. It’s on our long list of historical movies. Any recommendations from Sparta through the present?


My first night home after a 45 day inpatient treatment center. I learned so much and am very grateful for the experience. Spending quality time with my son and looking forward to a life of being clean and sober.


Welcome home. Keep on doing the hard work. It isn’t easy, but it is so very worth it. Glad you are here.


In bed after goin to an AA meeting, then to the gym. Very sleepy now


Welcome back home, Mike.


Aww… Thanks for saying! I feel so new here, and maybe because it’s early days for me, I don’t feel eloquent or experienced enough to pipe up much. But I am CRAZY about my pets, the wild ones too, and don’t even get me started about plants I love! Being sick :mask: has been great for feeding and watching the birds!


I love wild pets too! We have bunnies, coyotes, possum, racoon, deer, cougar and occasional bear roam through the neighborhood. All the neighbors are scared of them, but I be like…



Going to the casino sober is actually a lot easier than I could ever give it credit for :rofl:


Sounds like a good plan


I’ve been dogsitting for my sister and brother-in-law, so I’m just relaxing with the dogs watching movies!