Friday night - what's up


The picture uploads from that long strong of gibberish when you post it. :slight_smile: Love your singing to your chickens, that is totally adorable!! :heart:


I relapsed on Friday, had a 11 day streak. So im depressed.


We watched Thirteen Days last weekend to introduce our daughter to what it was like to live during The Cold War and nuclear threat.


Well, we went to the adoption thing and they only had cats. They were very cute and sweet but since we are ALL allergic there was no chance of taking one home. Lucky husband!!

But I am sad that there were no doggies to play with.


Oh! Thanks! Watch the pet thread!:smile:




(Sorry Australians)

Anyways, what’s are all your guys’ sober plans? Love this thread.


Young kids off to bed early tonight (touch wood!) then a relaxing bath and flop with Netflix. Put together a food parcel for a family in need that I will drop over to them tomorrow (man it feels good to do a good deed for someone!!).
Weekend will be hitting up a meeting and spending the weekend with my kids hangover free, being present and having energy to run around with them.


I’ll probably keep working until about 19:30 and then get in my pyjamas, cuddle my dogs, watch Netflix and get an early night - but this sounds good to me :grin:


I’ve got no idea what to watch. Finished Dirty John last week and looking for another short series. Any suggestions?


What’s dirty John premise…?


I dunno about y’all but I can’t wait for Game of Thrones…so0o0o excited…


Do you like crime dramas and documentaries @Becsta?


LOVE them!


Making of a Murderer
Little Boy Blue
…lots more if needed :joy:


Dirty John is an 8 episode series based on a true story where a lady decides to try online dating, only to meet John, someone who turns out to be someone very different to who she first thought he was. It’s really quite unnerving to watch and the ending is… whoa!!! Apparently the podcast is even better as the film had been watered down quite abit (makes me shudder to think how much worse he could have been).
GOT… can not wait for that to start either!!


Thank you! I’ll definitely look into those :slight_smile:



Tonight, for the first time ever, I’m wearing booty shorts to yoga class. tmi? I don’t care.
Four years ago, when I first entered the yoga studio, I wore basketball shorts and a Looney Toons t-shirt. A stark contrast to the women and men wearing booty shorts and what I thought looked like swim suits. It’s like + 30 degrees in this room. I told myself when I’m good enough, when I’ve improved, I will also contort myself in almost no clothes.
I bought myself some short ass shorts, a white halter top, and I’m doing it tonight.
Here we are, I’m good enough! ( And by the way, if you suck, you should still wear whatever you want. It was just my way).
Then I’ll stuff my face with Italian cuisine out to supper with in laws to thank them for giving us a second hand washing machine. :sparkles:


Friday, yeah! Great to see you all. March 1!

WFH today, per usual Friday.

We are expecting snow tonight/tomorrow, 6-10" here. So probably a low-key day tomorrow. Sunday, who knows. Maybe out to breakfast w/ my girlfriend.

I’ll never turn down a nice quiet weekend :slight_smile:


Colton and I are enjoying the little things this morning! :heart: