Friday night - what's up


Looks like I’ll have to extend my stay in Boston by one day. Had planned to head south early tomorrow. The weather says “no”. So it’s a Sunday trip back home.


Wot. More snow? I can’t even look at the weather forecast anymore. My poor frostbitten feet feel much better from yesterday, although my outdoor thermometer says -13c.

Friday night thread already getting busy! It’s nearly 8am. Off to work soon. Haircut at lunchtime.

After work, I am meeting with my sponsor to go over a bunch of pages that I wrote about step 1, then we will go to a meeting together. Living the rock and roll recovery lifestyle!!


Yup. Not sure about up your way, but pretty much all of MA is getting something, the brunt of it hitting us here in the southeastern part of the state


More snow expected here too. It’s usually sunny and 70 by now. Maybe not that warm, but this has been a rough winter.


It’s been a very easy winter for us here, thankfully! This storm tomorrow is the first time we’ve gotten anything 6" or more this season. Heck, prior to early February/late January, we had pretty much 0 snow.
Usually we get 3-5 bigger blizzards each winter, and then a bunch of smaller ones.

We got away very easy this year, so far.


This is a new record for me. March 1st and I am finally putting the tree away! It’s been an interesting year to say the least with lots of firsts! Lol.


It’s 4:30 pm here, I’m on my way home from lunch with a friend. Going to get me something nice and crunchy I can munch in front of the TV where I’ll stay for the rest of this evening :heart_eyes:
And I need tea! The weather became cold and wet and windy brrrrr


I’m still plugging away at purging my house, t et ying to get as much done as I can before next week.

It’s funny, in the first few weeks of sobriety it was like “ahhhh the days are too long, I’ll never survive!” And now the days aren’t long enough. :thinking:


Doing Friday right…a nice nap in the sun while keeping an eye out for intruders.


I’m not sure what I’m doing tonight yet.

Oldest is working tonight so that is one less whiner/complainer to deal with. Ha ha ha.

Youngest just discovered the Hunger Games movies and has been watching them on her phone which means she comes to me every 5 minutes crying over the death of someone or asking “does so-and-so die in this scene?”. Also maddening.

I do plan on discussing with my husband that I get 1 or 2 nights each week free from dinner planning. I’m exhausted and starting to get snippy with everyone over it. Wish me luck, I don’t normally express to my family what my needs are so this teeny discussion is kinda scaring me. LOL

Other than that tonight will likely be hot bath, hot tea, and a good book. (I’m taking WAY too long to finish The Alice Network)


I do plan on discussing with my husband that I get 1 or 2 nights each week free from dinner planning.

I hear you - and I wish you much luck. I am also weary of planning all the meals for my family. My kids are still little, so it’s 21 a week for me. It’s a funny thing to start fantasizing about being taken out to a nice restaurant selected by someone else!:smirk:


So true! I feel that way most days now, with Sobriety. I think I need to take the @Yoda-Stevie & @TMAC approach and wake up earlier to better make use of my day.


Me too then I remember sleep is life


it’s nine fifty and I’m headed to sleepyland…that’s how I roll


Good night sleep tight


9pm here and I’ll enter dreamland too soon


I now get more done by noon then I used to get done in a week, and I’m still not satisfied! Been getting up earlier and going to bed later.


Currently on day 8 of a headache. I think it has my three year old’s name on it.

I have some chili in the slow cooker for the fam. Meeting at 8:00. After that? New book, new bath salt flavor (coconut lime), candles, and bed - perhaps with some Great British Baking Show thrown in somewhere.


Woke up at 3 pm. About to hit my Mobia for 30 minutes, shower, eat, pack a lunch and dinner then go to work. Should be seeing my kiddos before heading to work.


Scared to go to store.
Needed to go to store for food, etc. I cant go because I’m not convinced I wont be tempted to buy alcohol.
I Have to go tomorrow…TP is too low, dog food, basics needed…ugh😖 7 days in.