Friday night - what's up


Luckily my parents are helping out. Otherwise we would be getting married in city hall… we’re having a destination wedding, so still low key since most people won’t travel (kind of the point). Still a decent chunk of change though sigh


Turns out Saturday storm likely to only give us a couple inches, then round 2 on Monday off 8-12. Praying for a snow day Monday. :pray:


1015pm and been in bed reading, time for sleep. Had awesome meeting that I hadn’t been to before - the synchronicity felt powerful. Up and at em 6am Saturday morning for 715 meeting. Hoping for coffee/breakfast with some ladies after. Bonne nuit!


I am on my way home. This is the earliest I have seen in a while! Hooray!


My wife and I did a destination. Aruba. It was perfect. Not cheap still, but we already had a house so we didn’t want to spend a ton. Her parents helped out, and a friend let us stay in their time share.


Friday night, fire in the soapstone wood stove after a long walk under the stars.


Moving day is coming to a close. I’m so happy to be able to just crash at the end of it, I can use the rest. Tomorrow I can check out the local meetings!


That was so good!!


Apparently ‘You’ is kinda similar and also pretty good. Im checking that one out tonight


Finished the gym, then went to a meeting. Both were positive and productive while one was terrrible lol in every way it was still positive and productive. Sober Friday night!


Good luck with your big client today…I hope all is well.:sunflower:


Is there a day alcohol isn’t sold in stores? Here it’s not sold on Sundays in most places. Good day to go shopping


I watched a few episodes of it, it was pretty good. I thought it was a little slow so I put it aside, but it may have picked up. I’m a ‘true crime’ junky at heart :smile:


We’re doing DR. We went to this resort on our first vacation together & loved it. We have a lot of guests coming too so it should be fun.

It’s weird bc when I first got sober Iwas kind of upset about being sober at an all inclusive resort and that I wouldnt be taking advantage of the all inclusive alcohol… but now I’m actually more excited for the vacation. I’ll be sober & never hung over so I will actually take full advantage of my time there rather than the alcohol. Sober life is just so much better!


Friday, Sober Friday!

What’s up, amigos?


I found it slow at times also but it does pick up and the final episode is whoooaaa!! Netflix now also have the actual documentary on Dirty John which is said to be really good. Im going to try to watch it this weekend.


9.30pm here for me already so about to hit the hay soon! I’ve eaten a block of chocolate so now feel blah… all or nothing to the core I am :confounded: a run will definitely be on the agenda tomorrow morning! Whats your plans?


I’ll be hanging out here a lot… not really looking forward to this weekend or Spring Break with my kiddos gone. Again.


A block of chocolate sounds great!! Funny how many of us are “all or nothing”, I am the same way. I can’t keep sweets in the house for this very reason. Always had a sweet tooth, especially for ice cream. If I buy any of that, the entire thing will be eaten in one sitting. No doubt about it.

I have nothing going on tonight, just working at home today like normal. Tomorrow I have the first home match of the season for the soccer team I have season tickets for. My Dad is going to come with me. My account rep contacted me yesterday and said he was able to get field passes for us, so we get to watch warm-ups etc down on the pitch, maybe meet some players, which is pretty neat :slight_smile:


Goat doing what he does when he does what he does.