Friday night - what's up


Maybe I’ll give it another try, and thanks for letting me know about the Dirty John doc!! I’m definitely watching that! I listened to the podcast about a year ago. It was appalling to see how unscrupulous dude was, but the woman was kind of in denial too. Such a good true crime drama!


Just returned from a 70 minute long run. Pretty cold outside. Now shower, then food and then time to relax. Happy sober friday


I’m heading to Texas for a wedding tomorrow. We were supposed to be there at noon, but will get there by 10PM. So, sober Friday will be spent in airports in 3 different states.

A valuable lesson I teach my kids is that sometimes when a well laid plan goes sideways, it makes for the best story, so handle it with grace. We are having a good time in the terminal regardless. :laughing::wink::grin::flight_departure:



Is it 5 yet…?

Actually, the week is wrapping up quiet so far. Thinking that reminds me of a sign below the clock in high school, though: “Time will pass. Will you?”


Im cooking tea and then will chill out with some tv and off to bed! Spa day tomorrow yay!


Watching TV, Rat Race is on. Such a cheesy movie but I love it!


After several years, I’ve just come to realize that one of my turntables has USB connectivity, for use to rip the audio from records into digital format. I looked in the box (which I somehow still have)…lo and behold, there is a disc for audio editing software in there.

I mean, one of the main points of the hobby is the love of analog and its sound quality, the desire for physical media, and it will still be my primary way of listening…but it’d be nice to have digital copies available for use in the car etc.

So…now begins the process of converting 208 vinyl records into .mp3 format.

See you in about 2 years :upside_down_face:


Real time ripping! You’ll probably get to hear the deep cuts you haven’t heard in ages. Lucky!



Yeah mine does that. Let me know how you get on. I haven’t worked it out yet


Will do. I’m sitting at my desk working, glancing at my collection out of the corner of my eye, almost dreading this undertaking. Lot of records there…this is gonna take some serious time!

Might just do it as I feel like listening to things. I’ll keep tabs on which ones are done, and eventually cycle my way through all of them naturally


This Friday my husband is on call at work. So as I have already finished all of my working out and cleaning the house, I am going to hang with my lil chiauhua all night and probably watch a movie and read a ton. Doesn’t sound super exciting, but for me it is because I am doing it sober😊


I’m going to yoga class in 10 mins, I’m going to front of class to look at my self in the mirror. It has the effect sometimes of making me think about how I feel. And I don’t know what I feel now. I have physical symptoms of grief, but, yeah, I’ll explore that tonight.
Watch a movie later and go to bed at decent time. :sparkles:


I have grief as well. My brother passed a little over 2 years ago, but it still feels just like yesterday…


I’m up. Did a quick workout before picking up my kids from school. Feeling a little sleep deprived and PMS-y, but all is good in soberland. Thinking about starting a 7 days cleanse by Renew Life (? I need to double check the name again) tomorrow :poop::thinking:


ISitting outside on my Dad’s patio in Sun City looking out at the golf club. It’s quite cool. I’m wearing a thick hoodie. But I’m also wearing sandals without socks. SOOO much better than a parka and winter boots!!


Ah hahaha sandals should never be worn with socks anyway :yum:


I’m sorry to hear that :pensive:


I do!!! In the fall, I got my birks and socks.