Friday night - what's up


Just landed on my couch. Oh. Yeahhhhhhh…


Meeting later. Now = melting into a pile of ooze.


I’d hoped for Friday night laundry and cleaning, but instead I’m sitting with a DBT workbook suppressing the urge to throw it across the room. Fortunately, it still works in such moods, and, if the mood leaves as quick as it came, I could end up having a fantastic rest of the night. Or spend it crying in bed. It remains to be seen.

I did get all my errands done today. And chopped a cabbage in record time. So, there’s that.


Hey Friday crew. Today I was wicked pissy and angsty at work - it was like my old, irritable self trying to rage through. I could see it happening, but couldn’t stop it. I went and got my nails done and then connected with some of my AA ladies - a few of us were not in the best place and doing the “I don’t feel like going to a meeting, but that probably means I should go to a meeting, are you going?”. I then went and picked a few of them up and off we went and guess what? All three of us ended up with lifted spirits. Then I came home and ate a frozen pizza.


Hey. Just hold your finger down on a word in part of what you want to quote. And a quote option will pop up. Highlight what you want to quote, then press quote and it will automatically pop up in a new post on the thread. Give it a try with this message.


Over here anything like sandals, crocs or thongs worn with socks is a no no unless you’re a bogan lol oh and crocs themselves are out too!


Yeah I saw the quote part but still not able to do it. I’ll get it soon I’m sure, lol!


I am on the app. Do you have to be on the computer? @Becsta


No I can do it from my app


Hmmm, that’s weird. I highlighted and hit quote but nothing popped up @Becsta


TEST, lol, to see if it works🤪


I know you’re in Maine and all, but you did cook the pizza first, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm that is weird. I have a Samsung (android) don’t know if it’s different for other phones?


Yay! You did it :tada::tada::tada:


Got it. Thanks so much @Becsta😊


omg yes -and even burned the roof of my tongue. and had just come from meeting with no heat. I can’t even eat ice cream as all effort goes into staying warm.


Look out everyone! Janny is about to embark on a quoting warpath everywhere :grin::yum::joy::joy:


There have been days recently where the ice cream would have been a warm up! I’m done with this winter.


That’s too funny! Thanks again. I kept trying to figure it out and I was like, I gotta ask someone finally, ha!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: @Becsta I just LOVE this app and all the functions it has. The best part of it is all of the incredible people though for sure!





Yes. This! Woke up to more snow! I’ve never seen the highway here so bad. Chickens looked at me as though the weather was my fault. Supposed to be sunny this weekend, whoo hoo! Skiing tomorrow…