Friday night - what's up



I had to test this also @Becsta. Have been wondering about that since I got here…here goes!


Hmmmm, guess I need practice :slight_smile:


Anyone with iPhone who can give me a pointer here?


I long tapped your reply, used the position sliders to get the whole thing, then clicked the Copy option. In my reply, I click on the quote icon, long tap the word blockquote, then click paste.

I had to test this also @Becsta. Have been wondering about that since I got here…here goes


I long tapped your reply


Thanks Dan, very helpful!


I thought it was good, as well. I have liked every movie they have made so far, and look forward to the Avengers movie next month as well haha :slight_smile:


I used to drink before driving my son to sports… can’t turn back time tho better quit drinking late than never…he’s 21.


Ok, OK! Another Friday upon us, sober astronauts.

Whats up tonight and this weekend?

I am going to hangout around the house tonight, visit my Mom tomorrow, watch the Leafs beat up the Sens tomorrow night (always a good time), and Sunday…

Ooooh. Sunday is the “dreaded” St Patricks Day. Big drinking holiday around here. Remember this is NO reason to drink! It’s the same as any other day: it is BETTER sober. 100%.

My GF is going day drinking with her friends. I am going to enjoy a rare full day of alone time, and my introverted self can’t wait! I have no idea how I used to go out for an entire day of drinking, the whole thing just sounds freakin’ EXHAUSTING to me these days!


It’s my birthday today and St Patrick’s day on Sunday so being Irish it’s a big weekend :shamrock::shamrock::shamrock::shamrock::shamrock::shamrock:

I have family visiting and hosting them for the weekend so taking them in to the City for lunch and a few sights.

Will probably take my mum to Church on Sunday which will be nice to do,I’m not a traditional curch goer myself but when I do go I appreciate itand enjoy it. When everyone clears off after Sunday lunch, I plan to get out on my bike for a couple of hours… Hoping these winds feck off by Sunday.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Stay strong and stay sober.


Jealous - hoping to get next weekend. Enjoy.


Happy Birthday! :birthday::confetti_ball::balloon::tada:


Have plans for a Friday night for the first time in a long time.
Driving with my family to Phoenix to visit my cousin who I’m very close with. It’s been awhile and it’s always a great time, sober with him! He and I both developed a major opiate addiction and thankfully and very proud of him. He decided to end that part of his life for his family and he has been sober from opiates(painkillers) for over 3+ years now. So it’s really nice to have that to talk to him with on top of him being my favorite cousin… shh lol don’t tell my other cousins :joy:


A very happy birthday to you! :four_leaf_clover:



A Friday survey for you all:

What is your:

Favorite city you’ve been to, your least favorite, and the top one you want to go to but haven’t been.

My answers:

Favorite: hard to pick, but probably Cardfiff, Wales. I absolutely loved Wales all around, but Cardiff specifically was such an absolutely wonderful place to visit. An amazing city that does not get mentioned often enough on this side of the pond when talking about travel destinations. I would guess that many Americans don’t even know where Wales is on a map. Plus, they have the best flag.

Least favorite: parts of it were OK, but I am in no rush to go back to Manchester, UK. I think it might have just been the part we stayed in though (Salford)…very bleak, dreary, industrial. The apartment we rented off Air BnB was also probably the most depressing apartment I have ever been in. I know there’s folks on here from Manchester, so apologies in advance! Like I said, I’m sure it was just the area/place we were staying :slight_smile:

#1 want to go: I’d have to go with Seoul, SK. Helsinki a close 2nd.


A full day alone to do whatever (within reason of course lol) you want, sounds amazing!


Happy Birthday David!!! Sounds like you are going to have an excellent birthday weekend celebration, enjoy! :heart:


Doing some online shopping, drinking lots of water. I have an important day tomorrow so that keeps me on track. Happy friday!


Favorite city: San Diego or Laguna. Can’t decide. Laguna was my first love but…San Diego!

Worst: Miami. NEVER ever again!

Want to go/bucket list: Niagra Falls