Friday night - what's up


Hyvää syntymäpäivää :slight_smile:
happy bday in Finnish


Happy birthday Bud!


Cardiff is a great city. We’re only an hour away just across the bridge.

Favourite city I’ve visited lately has to have been Bristol UK great vibrant university town and home of the SS Great Britain.

Worst, Didn’t like Carracus Venezuela when I went there. Just didn’t feel right! That was 30 years ago though.

Would love to go to Vancouver. Canada full stop actually.


I loved Bristol, too! Funny story there, my GF and I were on our drive from Cardiff to London and had to get a bite to eat. So, an unplanned stop in Bristol. It was 11 AM on a Thursday, no places opened up for lunch yet.
So, eventually we find the only open place serving food: a 24hr casino :joy: a pretty depressing place inside, people you could tell had been there all night gambling. I’ve never been a gambler, myself. Neither of us had an interest in that, and we didn’t play any games. But let me tell you…I had one of the best full breakfasts I have EVER had…and it was from a 24hr casino! Go figure.

Vancouver is my favorite city, this side of the Atlantic. I’ve been 3 times now. Make the trip if you ever get the chance!! Toronto and Montreal are the only other Canadian cities I have been, love them both too.


Happy birthday!!


I’m going to look at a new house tonight after work then maybe workout. My legs are really tired from my Ride home yesterday.
Pretty excited for the house, just not the potential new payment .


Awesome, man! Same area you’re living in now, or someplace new?


Going to see Tracy Morgan stand-up and not drink


Friday night is flight night. Going back home. We fly at midnight though so we get one last full day in Phoenix. Yay. Tomorrow…snow.


Same town and school district. Just bigger. 2 more bedrooms, full basement and a heated garage :grin:
We weren’t even married when we moved into the house were in now and kids were not even a thought. So we’ll probably move then downsize again after the kids grow up.


Happy birthday @NewPerspective


Favourite city: Resolute, NT if that can count as a city lol. It’s one of a kind. Wouldn’t want to live there though.
Least favourite city: Chilliwack, BC. I pass right through when I can. From a non-local’s perspective, I found it incredibly boring, sprawling, and smells terrible.
Want to go: Sakaiminato, Japan, because family history. Murmansk, Prague, Longyearbyen, Ulaanbaatar are on the short list for various reasons.


Favourite city: Cape Town, RSA - there are two oceans, table mountain, and penguins.

Least favourite city: Doncaster, S. Yorks - I spent a lot of time there because my ex-husband was from there. There didn’t seem to be much other than heroin and call centers.

Would like to visit: So so many places - my sister in law showed me a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, which looked appealing. Now that I am based in North America, I need to travel around here. There are many places in this country that I haven’t been to that I would like to, especially out west.

Happy birthday @NewPerspective !!

Plans for tonight? Dinner with my sponsor then picking up some ladies for a meeting.
Week plans are nothing unusual - meetings, reading, relaxing, catching up with family, climbing.


Absolutely, same here! I had 0 interest in travel until 5 years ago or so. Before that I just didn’t see it as important. SO MANY places in the US I have to see…

That actually just reminded me, I’ve planned a surprise trip for my girlfriend’s birthday next month, got us a cabin for 4 days up in you and @MandiH 's neck of the woods. Town called Buxton. I just know the name from Shawshank Redemption…Buxton is the town where Andy Dufresne buried the box for Red. Cabin looks great, very old school.


Super! So glad you are coming to Maine. Probably not good for a birthday surprise weekend, but can we please sometime plan a TS new england get together? :hearts::rainbow::bird:


I’d be up for it. Not sure who else we have living in our little corner of the continent, off the top of my head.


I think @SinceIAwoke is in VT? It’s a little longer of a hike though. I’ll go wherever - can hop on bus or train to Boston from Portland, or drive wherever.


My daughters read all of those books when they were younger. We used to get the audio books from Cracker Barrell when we were travelling and listen to them.


Friday night has landed my dad is on his way with chinese food a treat long time promised and im going to enjoy it. My wife and him like eachother but wind eachother up something wicked so its going to be an eventful evening. Stay sober friends peace out xx


I’m just waiting for a food delivery and will be chilling on the sofa with diet coke Nd coffee for the evening!