Friday night - what's up


I will be spending time with my family this weekend. During the downtime moments, I will be playing a bit of Splatfest (I am a Nintendo fan, and this weekend contains this month’s monthly Splatoon 2 event). Furthermore, I plan to wear my new green tie to church this weekend for Saint Patrick’s Day (I never had a green tie until just this week when I ordered one).

So it’s both the big things and the little things for me, this weekend.


Hey folks, I’m about 3/4 through my first Friday at my new job. Ever start a new job and have some regrets? Anyways, I’m sure it’ll work out. I’m planning on staying sober tonight by listening to some sobriety podcasts on the drive home and then spending some quality time with my wife and kids; dinner and netflix.



That’s a great idea. The show features Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf - I must admit that my husband and I enjoy the show as much as our girls. Just a pinch on subtle adult humor thrown in, very entertaining!


It’s been a good evening. AA and home to watch some Netflix. In bed early as I’m up at 6am for gym and hike over the hills.

Give me this over the absolute diabolical shite I used to get up to. Change has been life saving :pray:


That I am. Still done with this winter, too!


I’ve spent my evening grocery shopping and hanging out with my mom and my brothers oldest boy. Perfect way to spend it! :heart: Now eating and climbing into bed to watch tv!


But look, there was mud and not glare ice in my driveway today!! Spring is coming! :heart_eyes:


Yes, I sure have but it all worked out in the end. Give it time😊


Hey Friday night, what’s up?

I was dusting this adding machine from the 40’s that we didn’t really know what to do with, so it’s just been sitting in the bookcase… And was wondering what’s the oldest thing in your house?




Ok I knew this was coming :joy: I’m the oldest in my house too. But you gotta have something that’s older than you???


That’s gonna take some time and digging but I will get back to you on this…good fun question btw.


@funnydad stole my answer​:joy::joy:


Still at work, but headed to the gym after, then home. Hubby installed our new dishwasher that came today, so actually looking forward to doing the dishes tonight (sad but true)…then going to watch “Bad Times at the El Royale”. I love me some Hemsworth :wink:


Sorry lady, timing is everything…


I’m in a different time zone😃


So which of us has the advantage, i guess it could be either depending on perspective, snd perspective is like timing…


That really is a great question, I’m going to have to remember this tomorrow and while I’m finding a book for a girlfriend, I’ll have to look around for this too! :heart: I can’t wait to see everyones answers!

I would also love to know how people acquired it, I love hearing the history behind things. I’ll bet mine comes from my gramma or her cousin, listening to her talk about the old days is such a trip! I wonder if it will be my grammas clothing she made, which includes her nightie from her wedding night! :rofl:


I was contemplating starting a thread but hopefully we get to see some interesting things in here…I actually thought about you when the question came to me.