Friday night - what's up


With melting snow comes water in my basement. But i shall be grateful that i have a basement and that spring is coming. :two_hearts:


The original audio books were narrated by Tim Curry - they were all really well done. My daughters are grown up and gone, but we still have the entire book series on our shelves. The movie they made with Jim Carey was also very well done.


And was wondering what’s the oldest thing in your house?

I have a cherry corner cupboard that belonged to my great-great-grandmother.

Friday stuff? Just got home from a meeting. Bath time (sweet orange and bergamot bath salts tonight). Maybe a book? Haven’t slept well lately, so I may just go straight to bed.


I don’t have much old stuff, so this is probably the oldest.

It’s a punch card printing plate, which gives it a rather large range of age possibilities. Most likely range is 1940-1980s for this type. At any rate, fits the “older than me” criteria!


I have my great grandparents bed, wedding present I believe. Approx 1899 vintage.


I think probably my great grandmother’s engagement ring, dated to early 1900s.


My favourite will always be Paris…no question

My least favourite? I can honestly not say. Everywhere has something interesting to offer.

I have so many places on my “to go” list it’s hard to pick one. I think I have to say Los Angeles because it’s the one I’ve wanted to visit for the longest. I think I first decided I wanted to visit there since I was 13.

Oh. Stockholm too. I would love visit there.


Friday night/Saturday morning- what’s up.
2.30am just woke up and wide awake.
Oldest thing in our house I think must be a little box I have with some of my mum’s dad’s trinkets in.
There is a couple of pocket watches and some of those metal sprung long sleeve shirt things. You know, what you see in the old movies to help hold dress shirts sleeves up. Don’t actually know the name. Must date from the 1930’s


Where is the end of this thread?


Oldest things…quilt my great grandmother made by hand, bowl and cup (not sure of origin), small gold picture frame of my Dad (probably 80 years old), and my mother’s doll (84 yo).


Right now for me is my 90 year old grandfather or actually his old style radio that was his fathers that was passed down to him. Thinking it must be in the early 20th century mark…


Cuff links?


Brutal that’s what’s up what is actually the point


Favorite city: Toronto
Least Favorite: Baltimore


No not them.



OMG Goat went to work on Friday and left work on Friday. It’s a miracle! A real Christmas miracle!

Fav town would have to be Savannah, GA and the surrounds. Although being sober now, I wonder if the romanticism of the town and atmosphere down there where I stay would hold up now.

Least favorite… The town from which I originated. Or London, England.


Shirt sleeve garters. But I did find these when looking for them…


Long walk tonight, the frogs are singing. Going to celebrate my first 30 days (today!) With a 30 mile trail run on Sunday with two pacers.


Just finished a nice workout and was blessed to be able to workout with my younger brother tonight. Now we’re having a late dinner. Calm and grateful Friday night.


Oh dear, looks like finland now, Maine was it?