I spend time with friends everytime i get free time but it gets hard because i constantly think about ways to feel happy when with them and in recovery its all about finding new ways to be happy rather than using to feel gratified its hard because i want normality in my life just takes time i guess


Have you told your friends you’re in recovery yet? If they’re true friends, they’ll be willing to do fun sober activities.

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Yes i have just a friend asked me how long i had til i made it thru my obligations because he wanted to party and it triggered me he is a good guy just i gotta distance myself from friends who use

Part of it for me was also about learning to enjoy my own company. I stayed social to stay distracted from the real problem, which didn’t work because I am the real problem. :rofl:

It gets easier to see who a real friend is and who your using buddies are with time. I can check in with drinking buddies now and give them a hug but I move on pretty quickly. Conversations with drunks are much less fun sober.

Be sure you’re checking in with yourself and enjoying your own company too.


Good insight thankyou

You’d find a lot of amazing friend at a local sobriety support group meeting like AA provides. Keep going one day at a time.

Is he really a good guy? My friends I care about. My friends I help. If you told him you were in recovery and he asks you that…is he really a friend.

We care about the well being of the people we hold dear…does he care about your well being.

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Yeah he is a good guy just going thru alot himself he understands im sober just dosent really know the problem that using presents for me i gotta talk with my friends more often