Frightened but ill beat this


Im 6 wks clean today off heroin… ive been taking 40ml of methadone to help … from the first week of taking it it stung my mouth…i didnt say anything cos i just thought it was normal… then 2/2wk my mouth was getting more sore … thought it was cos i have neglected my teeth so booked a dentist appointment… well dentist asks me if ive change medication lately… i didnt admit i was on methadone cos i was embarrassed and ashamed… so i said no … she says i looks like ive got a allergic reaction to something… i knew straight away its the methadone… so now im off to see my drug doctor who wants to change my methadone to subitex… i know ill have to go through some withdrawal… im so frightened… has this happened to anyone else? X


I never really did methadone maintenance cuz i just figured it was just continuing my opiate use, but that’s good your switching to subs they are alot easier to get off than domes. I was successful quitting with subs vs domes. The subs weren’t as hard to get off, the only issues is making sure you don’t take them too soon otherwise you’ll get sick. Your on a good track though get rid of those domes and use the subs to taper down. The goal for me was to take nothing everyday and it feels good to not be a slave to pills or any substance, but like you said you’ll beat this and i believe that!


Congrats on your 6 weeks! Hope you get your meds straightened out.


Thank you for replying to me … i know what u mean i want to be off everything… even taking methadone still makes me feel like a junkie… x


@Natnat When I got out of detox after about a week I kinda had a breakdown. I ended up going to an addiction specialist and after talking there and with my prior use of my doc they decided I needed to go on Subutex and then wean down.

I was scared again to take something else, but I did and my first taper down is soon. All is going well. I feel fine every day.

I would highly recommend the subs as long as you don’t stay on them. I have seen cases where people stay on them for 7-10 years. DONT DO THAT. I am following doctor’s orders with the taper and it is fine. I would totally recommend it to you.

Some people can do it without it and some just can’t. I couldn’t and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I needed help and I got it.

I wish you the very best! Let me know how it goes if you go on the subs.


Thank you janny … i just seen my drug Dr and i start my subs on monday … so ill take my last methadone on sat evenings no methadone sunday go through a bit of withdrawal then subs Monday morning… im more frightened about being poorly inbetween change over … i know what u mean i dont want to be on it for long i want ro taper down and take my doctors advice… Thank you for taking time to message me . Hope u r doing ok x


Just remember that methadone has a half life, so you won’t feel that bad not taking it for one day. It’s usually like day three or four when you’re really feeling a withdrawal from stopping methadone. The good news is that you’ll be on Suboxone Monday morning. Just try to make sure to drink water and eat what you can keep yourself occupied.


Thank you for replying to me … im juspt so frightened of getting withdrawal and being in pain … feel totally alone at moment so thankyou for kindness and support x


Yeah it’s kinda a lonely process, but i didn’t want people to feel sorry for me cuz i put myself in that position. Just stay positive and remember its not forever. Plus your doing it for a great purpose, to be clean! Free and clear from any bondage. You got it, don’t trip.


I dont want anyone to know as im so ashamed of the mess i got into so its nice to get other people’s advice on here … thank you again and good luck with your own journey x


When I got out of detox it took a good week before the effects of the Subs wore off. So, I think you will be okay in terms of withdrawal as the above person stated methadone has a long half life. I really do truly believe it will be a smooth transition😊


And they weren’t even giving me that much in the detox center. How many mg are you starting off with on subs?


Im sure doctor said something about 2 mg ? Monday morning but i go back Monday evening and if im still unwell he will give me more … does 2 mg sound right to u ? X


6weeks is a great milestone. Congratulations. :grinning::call_me_hand: