From my Grandmother's Mouth

I asked my 84 year-old grandmother why she stopped smoking. She said, one day, while getting ready for work, she grabbed a new box of cigarettes from her purse, opened it and just before she lit the tip, a bad feeling came over her and a little voice said, “you don’t need that.” She put the cigarette back in the pack, placed it on her dresser and that was the day she quit. It has been 20 years since she last smoked. Her advice is simple, “when you decide to do something, do it and stick with it.” I am 82 days sober and mighty proud of my decision to “stick with it.”

Be encouraged and say yes to sobriety! I love it…even the hard days aren’t so bad anymore. :heart:


My grandma quit sort of the same way! One day after smoking for decades, she decided she was done, and that was that!


@Reign This is beautiful. We can learn a lot if we just listen to those that came before us. My grandparents got sober in the late 60s. I took their wisdom to heart.


Now isn’t that the truth. They were wise beyond their years!:heart:

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