Frustration is mounting

Many of you have read my story. I truly don’t think I’d be sober today had I not resigned my high stress, unrealistic expectations, thankless employer back on Nov. 10th and yes it still took me over a month away from them before I buckled down and cleaned up 100%. So there’s pros and cons to my drastic decision. The two biggest pros are 1. I’ve been sober and in recovery for 45 days now. 2. After cashing out my 401k with them I have enough money to support my family for a few more months without employment. The cons are starting to mount though. I’ve now been turned down for several jobs that I never would have been turned down for in the past. Being a GM and hiring manager is my professional background I can’t help but think resigning from my job without gainful employment lined up is hurting me in this process. Being a currently employed candidate is definitely an advantage over one that is currently unemployed. I’m now heading towards the dangerous 3 month zone of unemployment. Although I love my sobriety, I can’t help but second guess my rash decision making at this point. Maybe I should have lined up another job before getting sober…? I just don’t know, but I’m pretty torn up about things.


Stay strong. I am not going to pretend to know you or completely understand your situation. It sounded like you did the right thing for you when you left your old job. Keep your attitude positive and portray the qualities you as a hiring manager looked for when hiring and things will work out for you. You got this.


@alpine_1975 Stay positive! I know we don’t know you besides what you post on here, but job hunting can take some time! Keep at it and don’t lose faith. I wouldn’t focus too much on whether you should’ve quit or shouldn’t have. You’ll make yourself nuts and obviously you can’t change the past. Take what you’ve learned and keep kicking ass at those interviews! :wink:

@Elisabeth, you’re right. Thank you for the pick me up.

Things will come together for you! If your high stress job put your sobriety at risk then you made the right choice! It’ll happen when it’s right, as annoying as that is to hear. Don’t dwell on what could be different… look straight ahead and everything will work out :slight_smile: sending good vibes your way!