Frustrations @ day 73

I have worked so hard quitting alcohol. I work around it and everything with no problem. I have made it 73 days. Why is it still so frustrating to be in a social setting with alcohol? Still so uncomfortable. I still feel like Im walking a thin line of sobriety and I hate it.

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I think it’s just because we train our brains, probably unintentionally, that alcohol is a must in social situations or were missing out on something while everybody else sees to be having a good time. I know I’ve talked to people on here who weren’t able to put themselves in certain social situations for a long time, some people say they’ll never be able to. That’s why it’s so hard to quit, you literally gotta change almost all aspects of your life. I wouldn’t be able to work around it like you said you do.

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Yeah, I’m starting to think I wasn’t as social as I thought I was… I was just a drunk and on the chase for alcohol. I drink a lot of sparkling water and coffee at work (some energy drinks too if needed)… It seems to work. I have been thinking about getting out of the service industry though in the next few months. I think it’ll be good to get away from it and I also really love books - I want to work in a bookstore or library someday.


I’ve tried this whole sober thing before and failed. I told myself to do 100 days and assess myself at the end… I made it 96 days and told myself i knew what “control” was. Very wrong.

This time feels differe though! Like I don’t have a day goal and Im going with the flow. Trying to learn to love life without alcohol.


I did exactly the same thing. I started worrying about the fact that I couldn’t drink 2 years from now on some random day, instead of just focusing on today. Started drinking some after 90 days and within 2 weeks I was a mess again. Just ODAAT from now on. :v::green_heart:

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