"functioning addict"

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Ive been using this app on and off for a year I’ve realized and have never posted. I have been drinking and using drugs “recreationally” since my teen years. The past few years I have noticed the mental health side effects a weekend of partying is causing me. I have an amazing full time job and go to school as well. I have never had anyone mention a concern to me about my drinking or drug use. I use almost every weekend the past year (which this app has helped me realize). I am worried I am no longer going to go without consequences and am looking for some advice on how to get help. I am very worried about losing my job or being honest with my family. I dont go to work under the influence but have been calling in more often on Mondays after particularily bad weekends. Any suggestions and advice would really help. Thanks !


My journey with alcoholism had 3 distinct phases


If you are not sure if you have a problem you can try to either
A) stop for one year (without starting)
B) try to control it… If you can’t then you may have a problem
C) go to meeting AA or NA and see if it fits

There are other options but that’s all I’ve got to offer today


Lol nailed it!

Fun. Fun+Problems. Problems.



Tho I can’t even take credit for it.
Every awesome thought I have stolen from someone in AA


Haha. I recently pushed from fun and problems to mostly problems and way less fun…


You have this app for a year, so you know you have a problem otherwise you wouldn’t be here :blush:
So make a decision what do you want for your life? It’s up to you.
For me I noticed that my drinking habits overwhelmed my life. I hated that voice in my head calculating when I could drink, how many I could drink, etc. One day my daughter said: I liked you more sober mom! (I was sober for 5 years before). 2 weeks ore so after that I quit.
Now I’m allmost 6 months sober, so back on track :blush:
I wish you a sober life too, it’s so mutch better! :heart: :heart: :heart:


Ps. I was a functional addict too, but the only way is downwards…So how long would we stay that way?


Maybe try a meeting they help wish you well

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I was functional for years as well, it is a progressive disease…it only gets worse. And once you start wondering, well, you have your answer.

Life has so much more to it than drinking and drugs…it is pretty interesting finding out how life feels sober.


I know its a problem. Even though I can maintain a job and do well in school its still stopping me from being the best version of myself. I want to stop before other aspects of my life are affected. I just always hear you can’t do it alone which makes me feel stressed I have to open up to people about it and I don’t want to hurt my family or lose my job. I think I’m going to seek out individual counselling and go from there. Thanks for the feedback !

Thanks for the feedback ! I know its a problem in my life my issue is how to change it without losing my job and opening up to my family about it. I think Im going to seek individual counselling to start. This app also helps talk with people with experience and not feel shamed about it. I cant wait to see what a sober life has im store for me :slight_smile:

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Individual counseling is a great idea. Talk therapy has always helped me find my way.

For what it’s worth, you aren’t alone if you participate here. :blush: Also, there is no one size fits all way to sobriety other than don’t drink. It does help to try different programs if that interests you, reading about recovery…memoirs, self help books…can help educate us…as can podcasts and other online communities. There are also medications some find helpful for cravings. Yoga, meditation, eating healthy real food, vitamin therapy, mindfulness, physical activity…all those tools also can aid in recovery.


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