Gambling - keep relapsing

Trying to stop gambling to no success

Have you tried any support groups such as gamblers anonymous? A family member of mine has the same issue I wish he would try it out. Here’s a link to their page

If you follow this link you can try and find some meetings near you :slight_smile:

Yep I have been - wasn’t for me. Feeling motivated with this app. Been 3 days since last bet, but that’s, because I lost my wage, the really challenge will come pay day, determined to stop for my wife, as it is destroying her, can’t get over how selfish I have been.

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@Martinp337, congrats on the three days. And welcome. It’s awesome that you’re here. And you’ll find a lot of support here. You got this. Thanks for sharing.

Still staying strong! Feel like I have been over paying in tax the last 10 years. My eyes are opened and will not fall into the trap of the elite. Looking forward to having money building slowly and steadily while going in holidays and enjoying life :slight_smile:


So is that 6 days sober for you. That’s a good gift. Nice to see you back. Hope that you’ll stick with it. You can do this @Martinp337. We’re behind you!

@martinp337 I hope you are still staying strong and the first step is trying to find others that can help you. I’m in your exact same boat, I have been gambling for eight years and I’ve came forward to my family last Friday. I have lost a lot of money and we are in debt. It was extremely difficult and I’m not a hundred percent sure my wife is going to be able to recover from this but I’m going to do all I can to get her trust back and make it happen.

One thing my wife and I started doing this week that is helping to repair our relationship is going for a little walk each day and holding hands. During that time it really gives me the strength to want to stop for our marriage and just for my true happiness.

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Still not relapsed however this has been a ongoing process for me for 2 years. My wage now goes into my wife’s account, which has restored some trust. I m getting big cravings to gamble today on the rugby and football, and I have access to a couple of quid. Let’s see if I stay strong, I feel today is my biggest test in the last 17 days I’ve been gambling free.

I’ve been free from gambling 11+ years. The key for me in the beginning was putting up “roadblocks” like how your wages are now going in to your wifes account. In your moments of clarity, do everything you can to make it HARD for you to gamble when the urge arises. Don’t carry around excess cash. Tell your bookmakers not to accept bets. Honestly, don’t watch any pro sports. I know that sounds harsh, but it builds character and is a practice in “surrender.”

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20 days clean!!! Longest I have been for a long time. I woke up a bit confused on Monday, as there was no burden of losses to carry from the weekend :slight_smile:


Wow @Martinp337. Congratulations. Keep us posted.

Still going, pay day today however the wife has all the money :wink: I have also lost the urge to gamble. I have been focusing all my energy into work and I’m starting to get similar buzzes I had off gambling but it feels right - my job is very competitive. I used to click my teeth but this has also died off. Self talk Is a magical thing and can help rewire the brain. I come home from work happy knowing money has been earned and is secure. Gambling for me was never about the money however the buzz it gave, I’ve learned the value of money again rather than looking at it as worthless. It’s not worthless when it hurts the people closes to you. If have set a goal to get my first nice car, hopefully will get this by the end of the year if I keep it up. Well done to everyone battling their individual battles it can be long and hard however I have started to see the light :slight_smile: you will come out into the light if you show perseverance, I promise.


Delighted to read your progress.

Keep relapsing too. Always good till Fridays. :frowning: Just want to stop! Hopefully being here will help me. :slight_smile:

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Arghhhhh relapsed today. We start again!

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Just get back on that horse and keep going. You got this!

I am on the same path @Martinp337 I started from today to quit this addiction and hope to get over with it very soon… For me money is not the problem but this addiction consumes lot of my time and energy which if spend with childrean and family can bring change in my life. I give up to the earges and the worst part is I am able to hide it from my family … because they trust me.
This time I have decided enough is enough no more gambling.
Today is first day to attack on this Gambling monster …I know this monster will not die in one or two days may take years but I am ready for it…and I know I will win because I have friends like you herr

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Hi everyone

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Now it’s been six days and today urges are trying to take over my resolve…need some motivation to get over with it… I am really feeling to go back and watch the game and ultimately it will drag me to play. Please help